Is the FIA ​​safety campaign going too far?

Drivers against license withdrawal
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W uring the Formula 1 teams in Sao Paulo are still about to Points fought, the FIA ​​General Assembly in Paris discussed the campaign for more road safety. One of the greatest advocates of the 'Make Roads Save' initiative is association president Jean Todt. At the request of the French, the F1 drivers were now even more involved.

Super license depending on driver's license

Up until now, drivers and teams have been more or less the silent ambassadors of the Action on the go. In the future, however, they should be actively made responsible. In order to remind the pilots of their role model function, the FIA ​​wants to impose harsh sanctions for traffic offenses in the future. If the driver's license is gone, this can lead to the loss of the super license. According to the world association, the stars of the scene must also lead by example.

In the paddock, the message was received mixed. Timo Glock reacted with incomprehension and sees gaps in the system. 'Let's assume I want Sebastian Vettel's cockpit,' the Virgin pilot constructed an example scenario. 'Then I just put someone on it who waits until Vettel drives out of the house and implicates him in some kind of traffic offense. Then Vettel loses his driving license and his Formula 1 license.'

Glock criticizes sanctions

Glock does not believe that the threat of sanctions is the right move. 'In recent years there has hardly been a situation in which a Formula 1 driver has shown himself to be a bully on the street.' The German fears, however, that small inattentions can have serious consequences: 'How fast it is today, that you are distracted, 30 km /h too fast and lightning - driving license gone.'

The Virgin pilot criticizes the double punishment for racing drivers: 'Others who lose their driver's license can still be driven to work. We'll probably get unemployed. That's a bit extreme. I don't think that's the way to go.' It is unclear whether such harsh sanctions by the association can be challenged in a public court. There is no precedent yet.

No catalog of penalties available

Compatriot Adrian Sutil also hopes that the worst will not have to come. The Force India pilot, however, expressed his concerns a little more cautiously. 'Formula 1 advertises with the' Make roads safe 'safety campaigndrivers must behave accordingly in traffic. I don't think it's bad, but you can't be too extreme. '

The question is whether the FIA ​​would really put its own stars on hold if their driver's license is revoked. There is an exact catalog of penalties Not. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg is hoping for mild judgments: 'If you approach it with a certain degree of objectivity, and you don't lose your racing license because of a little stupidity, that's okay. If this is not strictly followed, then you can accept it. '

Schumacher advocates strict crackdown

Silberpfeil team-mate Michael Schumacher is an active champion for FIA safety Campaign. The record champion is behind the plans of FIA President Jean Todt even with the threatened fines: 'I think it is absolutely sensible to make the drivers aware that they are setting an example. It's not about someone receiving a parking ticket and then having to fear for their license, but rather about drink-driving and serious accidents, for example. In such cases, the FIA ​​now has a means of holding the drivers accountable. I think that is absolutely justified. '

Schumi is not afraid of his own Formula 1 license.' My Flensburg account has been very, very empty for many years, 'grinned the Swiss resident.' We Formula 1 drivers can let off steam often enough on the racetrack. We don't necessarily have to do that in traffic. '


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