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Is Renault not upgrading? C engine only for Red Bull

Is Renault going without an engine upgrade?
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T he marriage between Red Bull and Renault never happened especially cordial. There were many points of friction this year too. Most recently, Renault warned its customers to once again refrain from making critical public comments. But now the French are giving the third place in the World Cup a present. The third stage of the Renault R.E.18 V6 turbo may be available exclusively. Not entirely voluntary, of course.

Renault's last engine specification brings more power with the current development of gasoline from Exxon /Mobil than with the BP /Castrol fuel that Renault uses. Renault expects an increase in performance after changes to the internal combustion engine, especially in qualification mode. 'We can provide Red Bull with this engine from Monza if they want,' confirmed sports director Cyril Abiteboul.

Red Bull wants. Team boss Christian Horner let us know on request: “We will test the engine on Friday in Monza and then decide how to proceed. Max Verstappen still has air in his engine pool, and Daniel Ricciardo is expecting another engine penalty anyway. Better in Monza than in Singapore. ”

Installation costs a seven-figure sum

The installation of the Spec-C motor is a lot of work for Red Bull. Some coolers have to be moved to other locations. This means that Red Bull can also use the second stage of development of the vulnerable MGU-K. Motorsport boss Helmut Marko groans: “The installation costs us a million.”

Renault obviously wants to save these costs. You would also have to adapt gasoline and oil to the new engine. Red Bull as a test laboratory is enough. If cooling elements have to be moved under the cladding, there is also the risk that the internal flow will suffer. The works team does not want to take this risk either.

In the battle with HaasF1 for fourth place, every point counts. The same applies to the second Renault customer team, McLaren. The situation is hopeless there anyway. At both Renault and McLaren, the clocks are already running towards 2019. There is no room for parallel programs.

Renault will therefore probably forego the use of the C-motor entirely. An indication of this is that at Nico Hülkenberg and Carlos Sainz, one race before the possible use of the further development, their engine pool was once again topped up with B engines. Switching to the C variant would result in further engine penaltiesmean.

The test with Red Bull is still interesting for Renault. Mercedes and Ferrari have pulled away again with their latest upgrades. “Renault has to do something. The gap in qualifying has widened again, even if Renault doesn't want to believe it, 'says Red Bull.


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