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Is Red Bull a candidate for the World Cup ?: RB14 racing pace in a league of its own

Is Red Bull a World Cup candidate?
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T he first three Grands Prix of the year are up in full contrast to the winter test drives. Ferrari has won two races, Red Bull one and the big favorite Mercedes none at all. The new edition of the duel between Mercedes and Ferrari was already on the way in Australia and Bahrain. Red Bull stayed away from the podium and plunged into misery with a double retirement in Bahrain. Nevertheless, the bosses Helmut Marko and Christian Horner never tire of preaching that you can keep up with Ferrari and Mercedes under racing conditions. But there was no proof.

The fans can look forward to the three-way battle. It dissolves the static course of the race at the top. Vettel versus Hamilton is quite nice, but when two drivers meet, the race after the starting lap often runs according to the pattern F.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is almost happy that a third team is now playing the chess game makes it more exciting at the command post: “With three teams fighting for victory there are more options and variables, so more opportunities to go wrong. We are used to paying attention to Ferrari and Ferrari to us. That is why we both lost sight of Red Bulls in Shanghai. '

Marko can't help making a small tip towards the opponent:' Two other teams would have had more time for a second pit stop and looked stupid. If they are not ahead, they will never understand the world. ”


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