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Interview with Sergio Perez: & # 34; We shouldn't expect too much & # 34;

Interview with Sergio Perez
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How did the last race in Spielberg go from your point of view?

P erez: Pretty good. I made the best of a bad grid position. The car felt great in the race. It was our goal to get ahead of Maldonado in the first stint. That worked too. Unfortunately we lost a lot of time during the pit stop.

What happened there?

Perez : There was a problem in the front right. We left it there for a few seconds. So I fell behind Maldonado again. In the end I couldn't attack anymore. I had pretty bad vibrations. From then on it was all about damage control. I had already done the damage during training.

Why did you start so far back?

Perez: Traffic, the wrong timing, the usual. But it's my own fault too. I should have set a faster time earlier. Alonso did it too.

You started with the hard tires. How far did you have to get at least with it?

Perez: We wanted to make it to round 40. That would have been the best. I then had to go in on lap 38. Maldonado made us do it. We wanted to prevent him from overtaking us with the earlier pit stop.

Could you have kept Maldonado behind with a better pit stop?

Perez: It worked in the first stint. In the second who knows? With the vibrations I had at the end of the race, certainly not. I lost too much time there.

Force India is now fifth in the Constructors' Championship. What do you think of that?

Perez: That's incredible. With this car. It shows how strong our team is. We make the best of our options. Now comes the upgrade. We should be even better prepared with that.

What do you expect from it?

Perez: The data is good. We usually do that too. But we have to be careful. Perhapswe mustn't expect too much at the beginning. We have to get to know the new car first.


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