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Interview with Pierre Gasly: ​​& # 34; Red Bull always in the back of your mind & # 34;

Red Bull
Interview with Pierre Gasly
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I in Bahrain, Monaco and Hungary many points. In between, however, it went steeply downhill. Why is this roller coaster ride?

Gasly: ​​ The car is just not good enough to finish 4th in every race. I think we were able to tap our potential a little earlier in the season than the others. That was one of the reasons for the good result in Bahrain. But to be honest, we still don't fully understand how we managed to do that back then. At the moment we are not able to score everywhere. Haas, Renault and Sauber are a bit ahead of us. But on some tracks we get our chance. Then we have to use it. That was successful in Bahrain, Monaco and Hungary.

In 2019, Red Bull will have the same engine partner as Toro Rosso. Do you expect a leap forward?

Gasly: ​​ That will certainly help a lot. This year we're a little lone warrior with Honda engines. How big the progress will be through the closer cooperation with Red Bull cannot be said yet. Then there are also the new aerodynamics rules. But overall it can only be positive for us.

After half a season, do you already have the feeling that you have arrived correctly in Formula 1?

Red Bull
Pierre Gasly has proven that he deserves his place in Formula 1.

Gasly: ​​ It definitely feels better than my first race at the end of last year. I was thrown into the car without testing. I had to learn a lot in a short period of time and good results were immediately demanded. This year it's easier because I'm on the job in winterprepare and get to know the whole team. But it's still my rookie season. Many routes are new. There is still so much to learn. But with every race weekend I feel more comfortable here in the Formula 1 paddock. After all, that's the place I always wanted to go.

After your GP2 title in 2016, Helmut Marko said that you were not ready for Formula 1. Was he right then? /strong>

Gasly: ​​ No, I don't agree with him. I was ready then. But the time for the ascent just wasn't right for various reasons. For me that was of course disappointing. The GP2 is like the second division in football. On top of that there is only Formula 1. If the promotion doesn't work out, you get annoyed of course. But it also motivated me. Switching to the Japanese Super Formula was a huge challenge. I was really excited and really wanted to prove myself.

How did that help you with regard to Formula 1?

Gasly: I was suddenly in a country 10,000 kilometers from my home. I didn't understand the language and didn't even know where to take me after landing at the airport. The culture in Japan is completely different. It was not easy. But it was a great experience both as an athlete and as a person. I really enjoyed it. And the cars in the Super Formula produce a lot of downforce. That definitely helped me to prepare for Formula 1.

In which areas do you still have to work on yourself?

Gasly: The experience is of course a big factor. It's a huge advantage when you come to the racetrack and always know what to expect. With new courses, I sometimes need a little longer before I can get everything out of the car. But it always works out better because my race engineer now knows exactly what I need to be fast. We can be satisfied with the overall pace of the package. Now I want to concentrate primarily on ensuring that we can show the good speed even more consistently.

How is your relationship with Helmut Marko now? You've been widely praised recently.

Red Bull
Gasly gets the vacated Red Bull cockpit from Daniel Ricciardo? The chances are good.

Gasly: ​​ Our relationship has improved a lot. When I was younger, he always asked a lot of me. I mastered every challenge as best I could. I wanted to show him that I am a real fighter, that I will never give up my dream and that I deserve this place. He's very tough on his drivers, but you have to accept that. We are now getting along well. What many may not know is that he has a good sense of humor. We always have a lot of fun.

At the moment there are not many junior talents in the Red Bull program. Does that take some of the pressure off?

Gasly: ​​ No, I just put the pressure on myself. I don't need anyone for that. I want to make everything perfect. If I can't do that, I'm not happy with myself. The circumstances don't matter, I always give 100 percent. But it is true that there are currently fewer drivers following than a few years ago.

It is not yet clear who will get the second Red Bull cockpit in the next few years. Would it be bad if you had to wait longer for the promotion?

Gasly: ​​ Of course, I always have Red Bull in the back of my mind. I'm in Formula 1, so I want to fight for wins and titles. My opportunity to do so will certainly come. I am still young. It is clear that you always want to achieve your goals as quickly as possible, but at the moment I try not to think too much about the future and just make the most of the means available.

Have You expected such a dominance in the team duel against Brendon Hartley?

Gasly: ​​ The question is not easy to answer. The first goal is of course always to beat the teammate. So I can be happy with the way it is going. But the season is not over yet. We still have nine races. So I have to hit him nine more times. Brendon is a quick driver. It was not for nothing that he won the World Endurance Championship and the Le Mans 24h race. It's a big challenge every weekend. It's going pretty well right now. Of course I would like to keep it that way.

What does Pierre Gasly do when he's not in the racing car?

Gasly: ​​ I still live in my homeland in northern France, in Normandy. But soon I'll be moving to Milan so I'm closer to the Toro Rosso factory. Otherwise I love all kinds of sports. Of course I watched a lot of soccer with my friends during the World Cup in Russia.

Do you play yourself?

Gasly: ​​ Yes, I even started my sports career with soccer. I still play todayBadminton, squash, tennis, golf ... I always try to be active. Training isn't just a necessity for the job, it's just fun. But it's also important for me to switch off between races and spend time with my family. I have distributed four brothers all over France. I am the youngest and try to visit her as often as possible.

Note from the editors: We interviewed Pierre Gasly before the announcement of the changes between Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz.


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