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Interview with Pastor Maldonado: & # 34; We're getting closer to Williams & # 34;

Interview with Pastor Maldonado
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Your rear wing hung at half mast from the eighth lap. What happened there?

M aldonado: I have at the entrance of Turn 3 Grosjean touches. It was really just a small bump. Three or four laps later, I feel that the downforce is going away at the rear.

You were still surprisingly fast.

Maldonado: We compensated for the loss of grip at the rear with the differential. The car actually went quite well there. I benefited from the fact that I was driving alone in clean air at the time.

Why was the damaged end plate cut off when you were well on the way with it?

Maldonado: Charlie Whiting asked the team to cut off the end plate. Unfortunately just at the moment I left the box. So I had to go in a second time. From then on my race was lost. If we had removed the end plate when we changed the tire, I could have fought for the points. I still had enough speed to fight the Toro Rosso.

And how was the car without the end plate?

Maldonado: Even worse than before.

Is that why you gave up?

Maldonado: No, that would have gone to the end. But we wanted to keep the mileage low on some parts. Points weren't possible anyway.

How strong is the Lotus?

Maldonado: We have a good car. Not the best and second best, but we're not far from Williams. They'll be better than us for one lap. But we're slowly getting closer in the race. At the beginning of the stint they are on average a tenth faster per lap. Then the picture rotates. I think your tires degrade faster.

You were able to overtake some cars on a track where overtaking is supposedly impossible. How was that possible?

Maldonado: Our car was very strong in the last sector. so I was able to catch up with the people in front.

Does that give courage for Monte Carlo?

Maldonado: Our car has good traction . We still lose time in the middle of the curve. We have to find more downforce. But we're testing a few new parts here in Barcelona, ​​also with a view towards Monte Carlo. We have to do better in qualifying there than in Barcelona. But in Spain the bad starting positions also had something to do with the fact that we had designed our car to protect tires. Monte Carlo is very special. Supersoft tires are unknown because we are using them for the first time. They are not really super soft. I assume that we'll do more than one quick lap with it. The goal is definitely to make it into the top ten on the grid. And then we have every chance for the race.


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