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Interview with Nico Hülkenberg about the GP Mexico 2015

Interview with Nico Hülkenberg
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Finally points again. Relieved?

H ülkenberg: In my opinion, a good race. Finally no incidents. Not only did I start the race well, I also brought it home without any mistakes. I am also satisfied with the result. More was not possible today. On the positive side, we were very close to the Williams and even the Red Bull. I could more or less stay within striking distance. You can see that there has been development on our car. We've definitely caught up. That should motivate us to give even more gas.

How did the first round go?

Hulkenberg: I think everyone was a bit careful and very fair. New route, little downforce, nobody risked anything unnecessarily and everyone left space for the other. I also built in a little more safety buffer.

Why did you come to the pits so early to change your tires?

Hülkenberg: It was just difficult to assess the tires. The track was new, the asphalt was incredibly smooth. But then the route with the rubber pad changed constantly. Before the race it was very difficult to determine the strategy. We were prepared for anything. My tires then quickly became grainy, as did those of Checo and the Toro Rosso before me. So I told the box that it was getting worse and worse. We then decided to stop. At the time, still believing that I was on a two-stop strategy. But then the hard tires worked so well that we might even have driven through. The SafetyCar naturally played in my cards.

How big would the risk have been to drive through?

Hülkenberg: That is written in the stars. I do believe that the last five laps would have been tough. Up until the SafetyCar, the tire was still constant and fully intact.

Your teammate was mad at the strategy after the race. Right?

Hülkenberg: We talked about a one-stop strategy before the race, and Checo is always someone who tries because he with theCan handle tires well. This time he fell on his face.

Before the race, everyone was worried about the brakes and the engine temperatures. Was everything half as bad in the end?

Hülkenberg: It was a challenge. You were constantly driving with an eye on the brakes and the engine temperatures. And the route is generally demanding. It demands a lot from you. I have seldom seen that the racing line can be so narrow. You got along well on the racing line, but you were only 10 centimeters off. It was like a street course with no walls around it.

Turn 7 should have been critical?

Hülkenberg: Yes, there was often a tailwind. And if you hit the curb on the right while turning, you could run into a problem too. The grip was pretty low.

How did you get the mood in the stands?

Hülkenberg: Simply gigantic. In terms of atmosphere, one of the best races I've ever seen. During the race you only notice that the grandstands are full, but you really get the mood during the driver parade and when you cross the finish line. It's nice to see when you're so popular, when people are so interested in our sport. That was a pleasure.

As a teammate of Perez, were you adopted as half Mexican?

Hülkenberg: Even before the race, I had the feeling that I was well received. Sure, Sergio was the star and he got the most attention. But the Mexicans were also very fair to me and somehow on my side.


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