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Interview with Nico Hülkenberg: & # 34; No sleepless nights & # 34;

Interview with Nico Hülkenberg
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What did you think when you first saw the new Sauber C32?

H ülkenberg: The side boxes are of course the eye-catchers. The step in the nose is also noticeable. Otherwise everything is proven technology. It's an aggressive design and an announcement to the competition. I like that.

Not afraid that Sauber will fall flat on his face with his bold concept?

Hülkenberg: I trust the engineers and that they have calculated everything well. Success or failure in Formula 1 no longer depends on a single detail. The package is important to the flow of the entire car. In any case, I don't have any sleepless nights.

Have you settled in at Sauber?

Hülkenberg: The first feeling is good. The winter break was long on the one hand, but then again short because I had to get to know a new team. So far, the collaboration has been going well. I've also had ample opportunity to get to know my new race engineer. But the stressful situations on the racetrack are still to come. Only then will it be shown whether I have already arrived at home.

What is different from the English teams?

Hülkenberg: I don't have to fly to the island anymore. And much more German is spoken. Sauber is also different in terms of work processes. Each team has their own ideas about the procedure for the technical meetings and the race weekends.

How would you describe your three teams in a few words?

Hülkenberg: Williams was British sober. There was more freedom at Force India. Sauber is focused, precise, determined.

Is it sixth for Sauber again?

Hülkenberg: I do hope that we can annoy one or the other top team and make it onto the podium like last year. To repeat that would be a dream. But I don't want to promise too much and get into the season first. In order to perform optimally, I have to be in the carfeel good.

How long does it take for you to get to you and you with a new racing car?

Hülkenberg: Already a few days. I have special requirements for a car. And I lack the experience of an Alonso. He's been through it so often that he immediately knows which adjusting screws to turn. Last season at Force India showed me how important this is. The knot only burst in the second half of the season. Because I understood the car and the setup one hundred percent. I didn't have to think long about what to do. I went out and said to the engineers: That's how I want it.


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