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Interview with Nico Hülkenberg: & # 34; Critical in the end with the tires & # 34;

Interview with Nico Hülkenberg
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Was it the perfect racing weekend?

H ülkenberg: You could say that. Of course it would be perfect if we could win, but with what we have sixth place is the maximum of what we could get. In addition, excellently cut off in the qualification on Saturday. In the race it was clear that the second Williams could not be held. You can also see that once it was over, it pulled away from me so much that I couldn't have a say.

How was the start?

Hülkenberg: My best start of the year. The start into the formation lap was really bad. The clutch setting did not work at all. But we made the right changes. I got away just as well as the guys in front of me and around me.

How do you know it was your best start?

Hülkenberg: As a driver, you can feel that immediately. And the data confirmed it afterwards.

When did the gap to the top 4 begin to open?

Hülkenberg: In the first stint it was still possible. The gap didn't get that big. Bottas was behind me the whole time. But I could control it quite well. He only passed me when I was lapping. That didn't go so well for me. But we passed him again through our earlier pit stop. Then we ran into Maldonado and Perez who were still outside on the soft tires. We still pay a high price in traffic behind other cars. Bottas was able to hang on to me and is quickly over. I didn't want to fight to the last resort either, because I knew it wasn't worth it. I still had a lot of laps to trample with the set of tires. On then it was really critical with the tires.

Could you have held Bottas without the help of those lapped?

Hülkenberg: I could have kept him at a distance for a few more laps, but in the end it wouldn't have been enough because of the tires.

When are the tirescollapsed?

Hülkenberg: The last ten laps. Then the vibrations started, the car understeer, the traction decreased.

Your conclusion after eight races?

Hülkenberg: We couldn't count on 5th place in the constructors' championship after the first two races. Far better than expected. Our competitors have helped us a lot. But we've also regularly scored points in the last couple of races. We have improved and learned to get along better with the car. Under the circumstances, a positive conclusion. Not where we wanted to be, but good under the circumstances.

This week part of the B version of the car is being tested in Spielberg. Why isn't there a regular driver in the car?

Hülkenberg: The package cannot yet be judged by the few parts that are already on the car are. No performance test is done anyway. The team takes greater advantage of letting other drivers drive.


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