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Interview with Monisha Kaltenborn: Completely new Sauber team 2017

Interview with Monisha Kaltenborn
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Are you happy that the season is finally over?

K altenborn: We are particularly happy that we secured tenth place. But of course I'm also relieved that the season is now over.

How big was the tingling sensation in Abu Dhabi and the fear that Manor might fight back again?

Kaltenborn: You could see that they are faster than us. That applied not only to qualifying but also to the race. For us, the top priority was to defend our place in the team classification. There have been a few situations in the race where you had to hope that they wouldn't get that far forward to suddenly score points in the event of an incident at the top.

Why couldn't Sauber keep up with the speed of Manor in Abu Dhabi?

Kaltenborn: You could see that they got out of the corners much more strongly due to the engine power. We know they have a more powerful engine. They were able to play that out here.

How confident are you that next year it won't be another tremendous game?

Kaltenborn : It won't. You just have to look at why it happened this year. Until well into the second half the car wasn't even up to the technical standard with which we actually wanted to start the season. It won't happen again. With the change of ownership, we immediately brought stability to the team. We are on schedule with our new car. We're making progress there too. We can only see it for ourselves, of course, but we are very confident that it will be a good car.

Don't worry that other teams will get on with the 2017 development sooner have started and thus have an advantage - at least at the beginning of the new season?

Kaltenborn: We didn't lose much time there. Our technicians are confident. You don't have to come back with negative expectations and make any assumptions. Our statement is: We are on schedule! And we believe it will be a good car. Everything else is speculation by third parties who have no idea what we are doing.

You haveAlready issued a special goal for the coming season?

Kaltenborn: We have that. But I won't reveal that.

But it should be better than 10th place.

Kaltenborn: Of course. That would not have been our goal for this year either, had it not been for the known circumstances.

There is also the driver's question in the room. On the starting grid, Felipe Nasr took farewell photos with his mechanics. Has the decision been made against him yet?

Kaltenborn: No, no decision has been made yet. We won't comment on individual names either. We haven't done that in the whole time. But I hope that we will come to a decision soon.

Do money and sponsors play a role in the decision?

Kaltenborn: Of course it plays a role, but it does with every private team. Just take a look at Williams.

Is there a schedule by when the staff should be fixed?

Kaltenborn: As quickly as possible. We do not want to postpone this long. I would have loved to have done that during the season. But that didn't quite work out - which wasn't just on one side. So I hope that it will happen in the 2 weeks after the end of the season.

The team is back in calm waters. Can you tell us now how great the risk really was that Sauber would have to shut down?

Kaltenborn: It was a very critical situation. It is therefore all the more a stroke of luck and a relief that we have found an investor who is so strong and who has quickly brought stability - and who also shares a vision for the future with us. This enabled us to convince and win over important technical leaders.

Are further obligations planned or is the management structure in place now?

Kaltenborn: We have now done an internal restructuring. But we will certainly bring in a few more people. We want to expand strategically in certain areas. Now we have the chance and you will experience a completely new, different team.

Sauber had to learn to work very efficiently over the past few years. Can that also be helpful in the future?

Kaltenborn: It was important for us that we could work efficiently. But I don't want to experience such circumstances again. In each area there are limits from which it is simply no longer possible to save. Now we have the opportunity to do more again. And we do that too. And because we can have this strength that we are very efficient,use with the new means.


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