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Interview with Marcus Ericsson: 'Leclerc is the strongest team-mate & # 34;

Interview with Marcus Ericsson
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W ar the GP Bahrain your best Grand Prix?

Ericsson: One of the best. Mexico 2016 was good too. But there were no points for it. That's why the race in Bahrain was a special boost.

Was it planned from the beginning to run with just one stop?

Ericsson: We had several plans, but Plan A was a stop. We knew that would give us the greatest chance of a good result. The question mark was whether we could get the tires through the long stints.

How difficult was it to drive a race in the midst of two-stopers? You never have a direct opponent?

ifen did it much better. I was able to catch up with the drivers in the lower midfield and keep up with their pace.

Where is Sauber?

Ericsson: It looks like we can fight at eye level with Williams. We're in midfield, but we're at the bottom. For the past two years it was all about survival. Now it's all about results again. In the free practice sessions we are sometimes even on a level with Force India or Toro Rosso. It has happened to me twice already that I only missed Q2 by a tenth. That was a huge step compared to the last two years. That certainly has to do with the engine. The current Ferrari engine is a completely different world than the engine from 2016 that we drove last year.

Where do the next big steps have to follow?

Ericsson: The car's base is good. Of course we could use more downforce. I think you never have enough of that. We still lose too much time in the fast corners. We're pretty good in the slow corners.


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