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Interview with Helmut Marko: 'Trembled to the end'

Interview with Red Bulls Helmut Marko after GP Mexico
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W ie last year Max Verstappen won in Mexico. Did you imagine it to be so simple?

Marko: That's what happens when everyone has comparable engine power. You never want to admit it if we keep telling you this.

Is performance the only secret?

Marko: Our car is also significantly more tire-friendly than the Mercedes, for example. Max drove the race confidently. Of course it's a shame that Ricciardo failed.

What was the reason for this?

Marko: A clutch bearing broke. Since the tenth lap there have been the first signs that something could happen.

Why didn't he get off so well at the start?

Marko: That was probably due to the operation of the technology.

Did you expect that Verstappen would be able to hold his own against Hamilton at the start?

Marko: No. Especially how he then slowed down in the first corner while driving so late while Hamilton was outside. That was really sensational.

Did you expect the tires to hold up so well on you?

Marko: Yes , you could already see from the long runs in training that we have an advantage there.

Why did Verstappen come in a second time?

Marko: That was a pure security story. If something happens, like a safety car, for example. After all, he had the lead. And we still had a fresh sentence available.

In the end, how did you ensure that Verstappen made it to the finish line?

Marko: We turned the engine down and told him to drive slowly. We trembled to the end. But in contrast to Ricciardo, there were no signs that anything could break.

And, unlike in qualifying, the braking problem apparently no longer bothered him?

Marko: Once he's in the lead, you can give him one less bike and he'll still go fast.

Was it possible to expect such a dominant weekend beforehand? With best times in all trainings and victory in the end?

Verstappen wasn't that happy in qualifying.

Marko: Everything went almost perfectly. Only the one-two was missing in the end. I don't know when we were last with both cars in front. And it would have been nice if Ricciardo could at least say goodbye with a podium place.

How does it look in the next races? The thin mountain air will no longer help you.

Marko: In Brazil it will be difficult for us because of the long straights up the mountain. Let's see what's going on in Abu Dhabi. Our car seems to be very fast right now. We have developed very well in the last few races.

Does the positive development already give hope for the next year?

Marko: Definitely. We already have the values ​​from the new wings. That makes us very optimistic.

What about the engine?

Marko: We expect Honda to be only 10 kilowatts behind Ferrari and Mercedes lies. We trust ourselves that we can compensate for that with the good chassis.


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