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Interview with Carlos Sainz: & # 34; At eye level with Max Verstappen & # 34;

Interview with Carlos Sainz
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The race in Hockenheim did not go according to plan. Why?

S ainz: It started off well. I had won 4 positions and was in P11. But then something got stuck at the front right during the pit stop. I lost 4 seconds - and all 4 positions that I had previously made up.

Apart from Hockenheim, you drew attention to you with very solid performances. Where does that come from?

Sainz: Two reasons: First, I have matured as a driver. Second, the team is a year more experienced and the car more reliable than it was in 2015. This combination is what makes us look pretty good so far. But incidents like those at the pit stop are of course annoying.

Did Max Verstappen's departure from Red Bull Racing also help your performance curve to point upwards?

Sainz: No, that has nothing to do with it. I would have gotten the points that I have won so far, or I would have won at the side of Verstappen.

There are voices who say you would be in the Red Bull make the same figure as Verstappen. What is your opinion on that?

Sainz: During our time together at Toro Rosso, we were only a few tenths apart. Sometimes the pendulum has swung in his favor. Then to mine again. We were more or less at eye level.

Is the Ferrari engine from last year a major disadvantage in the arms race?

Sainz: Let's put it this way: He's definitely not an advantage. McLaren has in recent racesGround made up. Force India is also very strong. And we'll have a hard time on routes like Spa or Monza.

Because of the lack of power?

Sainz : Yes, we already felt that in part at Hockenheim.

Where do you rate Toro Rosso - with regard to the second half of the season?

Sainz: That will depend on the route. Sometimes we are fourth force, then again only seventh. It's very close behind the top 3 teams. The form of the day can also be decisive. In Hungary, for example, I had a great qualifying under difficult conditions. Then Alonso rushed past the start. And I couldn't overtake him anymore. As I said: Spa and Monza will not be easy for us. For Singapore, I reckon there will be good chances again.

You are firmly in the saddle for 2017. Does that give a boost for the second half of the season?

Sainz: It is a good feeling to know how things will continue. Especially so early in the season. I know from my own experience how jittery you get if you are only confirmed shortly before the start of the test or the start of the season. And I'm looking forward to a third year at Toro Rosso.

In 2016, Toro Rosso is going back to Renault engines. An advantage or disadvantage?

Sainz: When you see the progress Renault has made over the past few months, I am very confident about this change.

Also because Toro Rosso will then have the same drive unit as Red Bull?

Sainz: The two teams sit here on the track in the Energy Station under the same roof. But they operate autonomously. So I don't see any advantage.

Back to the ex-team-mate: How do you rate the duel between Raikkonen and Verstappen in Hungary? There was a lot of discussion about that.

Sainz: We discussed this in the driver briefing. And we all agree that changing lanes in the braking zone can be dangerous. I think the stewards will have to take a closer look in the future.

That means you should issue a penalty for changing lanes in braking zones?

Sainz: Yes, if they are obvious.

What is your position on the discussion about the 'Halo' cockpit protection?

Sainz: I haven't tested it yet. So at the moment I still lack the perspective from the cockpit. I think it's right that we should all try it out first before it is anchored in the regulations. If sheThe opinion of us drivers is then taken into account and has a weight, is another piece of paper.

What is the discussion on this topic among the driver colleagues?

Sainz: Around 80 percent are in favor. Ten percent don't know yet. And almost ten percent are clearly against it.


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