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Interview with Carlos Sainz: & # 34; Alonso was my hero & # 34;

Interview with Carlos Sainz
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Your teammate came fourth in Budapest. They failed again in a good position. How are you feeling?

S ainz: I'm frustrated. We could have achieved a really good result. I was in 5th place when suddenly my performance fell further and further. It was the third time in a row that I lost safe points this way. Fortunately, Max really got the cream. That was important for the team. It's a shame that technology played a trick on me again. But I'm not in the least concerned about my performance. Because I know that I would have been involved in the front too. Fortunately, the summer break is now coming. A good opportunity to reduce the anger and to set everything to zero.

Verstappen and you drive a season as if you had never done anything else. Is Formula 1 too easy?

Sainz: That's a bit unfair. They are no longer the fastest Formula 1 cars in history, but in addition to driving, you have to pay attention to so many procedures, settings and commands, you have to stay with fuel consumption and operate tire management. So it's still challenging. You have to learn so much in such a short time, and with almost no test drives. The reason why we find our way around so well is that we arrive in Formula 1 very well prepared. But it's not an easy thing.

You drove in racing cars for 5 years before you entered the premier class. What was the biggest step?

Sainz: The one from the kart to the single-seater. The car is completely different, heavier, you have to change gears, have more power, you see a lot less. Braking and warming up the tires is also different, and you have downforce, which there is not in a kart.

And how difficult was the last step from the Renault World Series into the formula 1?

Sainz: The hardest part was understanding the tires and reacting to them. The Pirellis are so different from the Michelins.

Is Max Verstappen an extra motivation for you because everyone is talking about his age?

Sainz: I'm not allowed to go too far on the right side of the garagewatch. That would distract me. I have to focus on myself. I came into Formula 1 with a lot of self-confidence and set many new records in the Red Bull Junior program and most recently in Formula Renault. I knew the results would come as soon as I felt comfortable in the car and in the team. And now I also feel the respect of the people.

Are the 5 years of monoposto experience an advantage compared to Verstappen?

Sainz: I never repeated a category, never got a second year. That's not how Red Bull works. You have to win in the first year. I certainly have a lot of experience in monopostos, but I'm still a rookie in Formula 1. I don't have more races and experience than my young colleagues. The only advantage you can have there are kilometers in Formula 1.

Is the Red Bull pressure a healthy pressure?

Sainz: The pressure is well managed. They expect a lot from you, but nothing impossible. The people who looked after me had a lot of experience. They knew what to ask for and what not and always took the circumstances into account.

What did you want to be as a child: a rally driver like your father or a Formula 1 driver?

Sainz: My idol, my hero, my reference was Alonso from the start. I only saw rallying as a hobby. I'm happy with my Formula 1 job.

What advice could your father give you?

Sainz: Of course he had no experience in go-karts or single-seaters. So he couldn't tell me which team to go with, nor could he give me any driving tips. But he was a champion. That's why he knew what it takes to be a champion. He taught me this attitude towards my job.

How do you see the first half of the season?

Sainz: I have to be very happy. We have a good car, but it's not easy to drive in the race. Because with a lot of gasoline in the tank, we hit the rear tires hard. That's why I always have to defend a bit in the first stint and watch my tires extremely. When the first gasoline has burned, it gets better.

Do you sometimes curse the horsepower deficit of your engine?

Sainz: I want to think positively. I can't ask for more and rant about the engine. The car is very good and I have very good people around me. In the first year you can't have everything at once. Everyone knows that I don't have the engine I use to defend myself against others in racescan if they attack with DRS.

Can you make a podium place this year?

Sainz: For this we need special conditions such as rain or a lot of mistakes by the top drivers. Under normal circumstances, the perfect result is a place in the top 7.

What lesson did you have to learn this year?

Sainz: The Monte Carlo. I had to start from the back because of a stupid mistake. I qualified for 9th place in my first Monaco race. I threw away a lot of points.

Are you stepping out of the shadow of Fernando Alonso?

Sainz: I wish him the best. If anyone is supposed to win the World Cup, it's him. He deserves it more than anyone. I am treated fairly in my country. The people in Spain are realistic. You know that I drive a Toro Rosso and not a Mercedes.

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