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Intentional transmission penalty: Ferrari sacrifices Massa for Alonso

Intentional transmission penalty
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F errari is doing everything to keep Fernando Alonso chances for the title. After the messed up qualifying, the Scuderia brought the two-time world champion up one place with a trick. Team-mate Felipe Massa deliberately broke the FIA ​​seal on the gearbox, which automatically resulted in a five starting positions.

'It is a decision to maximize Fernando Alonso's starting position,' explained Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni. 'Just sitting there and doing nothing would also be the wrong way. We make it open and visible to everyone.' The gearbox itself was not changed, by the way. A swap would take an hour and a half and would be too risky shortly before the race.

Massa loses five places

The team management sacrifices Massa's chances of success in order to gain number one in the Bringing team further forward. Alonso not only wins one place as a result. By moving up from eight to seven, the Spaniard also changes from the dirty side of the grid to the clean one. According to McLaren measurements, the grip on the right side is 20 percent better.

Massa also comes on the clean side, but slips from sixth to eleven. In addition to Alonso, Ferrari also lets Nico Hülkenberg, Romain Grosjean, Pastor Maldonado and Bruno Senna move up voluntarily. When the day before the question of a possible penalty for Mark Webber, who had forgotten to weigh in after qualifying, Hülkenberg already stated that he would prefer not to start a place further up the front.

Ferrari sets team standings at stake

With Massa's start outside of the points positions, Ferrari also risks second place in the team standings. McLaren is only 22 points behind Scuderia in third place. And Lewis Hamilton can score a lot of points from second place if everything goes normally. So you bet everything on Alonso.

If the Spaniard wants to prevent Vettel from becoming world champion prematurely, he must finish in fourth place if his competitor wins. If Vettel gets only 15 points more than Alonso, then the last race of the season in Sao Paulo next week will only be about the golden pineapple.

The maneuver will certainly lead to some discussions among the fans. Is it fair team play to sacrifice Massa for Alonso? Or a cheap trick? What do you mean? write usyour comments!


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