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Ilmor helps Renault: Renault pulls out all the stops

Ilmor helps Renault
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E fraudulent labels in motorsport are not new. McLaren drove with Porsche engines from 1983 to 1987, but they were not allowed to be called Porsche. Officially, a TAG V6 turbo sat in the rear of the McLaren. The Arab TAG technology company paid the bills. The model caught on. For a long time, Sauber's Ferrari engines were called Petronas, those of the Prost racing team Acer.

BMW customer engines traded under the name Megatron in 1987 and 1988. The Swiss engine tuner Heini Mader built it in Gland. The Mecachrome motors were named Supertec and Playlife. In fact, they were old Renault engines. Minardi called its Cosworth engines Fondmetal for a year, then European. Osella named the ancient Alfa Romeo V8 Turbo 1988 Osella.

Engine that is called like a clock

So now Red Bull. In an emergency, the Austrians have clashed with their unloved engine partner Renault. Because no one else wanted to give Red Bull engines. The Renault engine from Red Bull cannot be called Renault. So that the slaps hurt less when it doesn't work again. The drive unit will bear the name of its sponsor: TAG Heuer.

The postponement of the divorce was only possible because there was only a letter of intent to separate. And no real declaration of separation. Renault sports director Cyril Abiteboul signed a new delivery contract with Red Bull ahead of time for an impressive 30 million euros. To create facts for his boss Carlos Ghosn. But the shot backfired at first. Abiteboul gave Bernie Ecclestone an assist in his negotiations with Ghosn. The most important thing was done. Red Bull had engines. Why should he then give Renault the required bonus payments?

But Ghosn was not so easily tricked. He threatened to ignore the Red Bull contract if Renault got out of Formula 1. That worked. Renault does not get quite as much money as originally agreed, but still enough to finance the purchase of Lotus and spruce up its own balance sheet.

Ilmor should accelerate Renault development

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner tried to dispel old animosity: 'We are delighted that Renault has confirmed its long-term commitment to Formula 1 and thank you for supporting our team since 2007. Your technical partnership with Ilmor gives us confidence for the next oneSeason. '

Renault wants to team up with the English engine manufacturer Ilmor in order to accelerate development. First, the new cylinder head should be tried out, which Mario Illien and his 67-man squad built for Red Bull in the summer The resistance of the engineers in Viry to the external project collapsed the moment Renault's own development in Brazil flopped.

Mercedes also wants to help

Beyond that Another cooperation in the area of ​​combustion is planned. For the time being, it will remain with a clearly defined area of ​​application. 'At the moment our capacity is not sufficient for more,' says Illien. The results will not only benefit Red Bull, but also Lotus. that he works for Renault and not for Red Bull. Going it alone on the basis of the Renault engine would not be allowed by the regulations. There may only be one specification per engine manufacturer.

Renault wants it I don't just get development aid from Ilmor. There is still an offer from Mercedes to exchange know-how in the area of ​​hybrid modules. A completely new engine for 2016 should be created from this. Red Bull hopes that the progress will be visible in the second half of the season at the latest. When asked whether the 2016 Toro Rosso-Ferrari could not be the better Red Bull team, Horner replied. 'They could be ahead of us at the beginning of the season. But I believe that Renault has more potential with its new structures.'

Renault's commitment to Formula 1 was also good news for Red Bull. If Renault would have had to live with 2015 engines without further development. Then Ilmor shouldn't have helped out either.


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