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Hülkenberg's first home race: & # 34; The Aero is the King & # 34;

Hulkenberg's first home race
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S ergio Perez believes in World Cup points for Force India. Nico Hülkenberg also sees greater opportunities than recently in Barcelona. The new Monaco citizen warns against underestimating the influence of aerodynamics on the street circuit: 'The Aero is also the king here.'

His Monaco balance sheet is mixed. A crash in the tunnel in 2010, eighth in 2012 and fifth in 2014. Hülkenberg would be even more happy about a fifth place and 10 championship points this year. His Force India is not a candidate for points at the moment.

The car lacks downforce. The special characteristics of the street circuit don't make the task much easier. 'The Aero is also the king in Monaco. You need downforce even at lower speeds. Good mechanics can only help you to a limited extent.'

Nevertheless, Hülkenberg sees two positive circumstances. 'The wind does not play a role between the houses. Our car is particularly vulnerable. The soft tires should also help us because we can bring them up to temperature more easily.'

Force India wants to try out a new front axle

For Force India, the Monaco GP is an experiment. They want to try the new front suspension again on Thursday. It has not yet been decided whether the hydromechanical rear axle will be used. Monte Carlo is not the ideal place for the premiere of a complex system.

Sergio Perez believes that Monaco is one of the routes on which you can also score points with this Force India. 'Because something always happens here. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.' Hülkenberg is waiting: 'Points are difficult for us in Monaco too. But something happens faster here that brings you forward.'


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