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Hülkenberg ticks off the Baku crash: Hülk is currently hard to beat

Hülkenberg ticks off the Baku crash
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E s is already bitter. Whenever Nico Hülkenberg has the chance of his first podium in Formula 1, something comes up. The last two times in Baku a crash. At the time of the accident, Hulkenberg was ahead of Sergio Perez. And in the end he came in third. The Rhinelander has ticked off the topic: “I didn't even think about what would have been possible. The thing is through. I look ahead. ”

He still has to look back at the scene in the 11th round. “Before, I always had a tailwind of around 20 km /h on the straight. In the lap it was 50 km /h. It pushed me more into the curve, I was still on the brakes when turning in. Then the stern came and I hit the wall. That shouldn't be an excuse. At the end of the day it was a driving mistake. “

t. “Baku is a very special route. You can see that in the result of Force India. We had built an upgrade especially for this route. That doesn't necessarily have to be transferable to other routes. Yes, we fought with the Red Bull at the beginning of the race, but I attribute it to the fact that we had the softer tires on it at the time. ”

Hülkenberg still sees the main task in the rear to drive the car out of its own life: “We have to work on that, we have some catching up to do. It's an aerodynamic thing. Like everything with these cars. Aerodynamics are king. ”

The problem with the fluctuating downforce in the rear bothers the Renault drivers more in the race than in practice. It can be covered with the grip of fresh tires. But in the long run the tires suffer. And then the journey goes backwards in the race.


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