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Hülkenberg survives rollover: 'Wouldn't have come out myself'

Hülkenberg survives rollover
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D we have something for the end of the season presented differently.

Hülkenberg : Me too!

How was the situation from your point of view?

Hülkenberg : That was of course not a pleasant situation. I haven't often seen rollover in my car. But that wasn't so bad now. The accidents in Japan or Brazil were much more severe from the impact. Everything has turned, like in a loop on a roller coaster. The frustration and annoyance quickly outweighs the fact that the race is over so quickly. You put so much work into a racing weekend and when it comes to an end so quickly, then of course it's bitter.

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The situation for Hülkenberg became dicey in the cockpit.

You looked relatively relaxed on the radio. Was it so quiet or did it just sound like that?

Hülkenberg : That was of course not a comfortable situation, especially when I saw the fire. I wouldn't have got out of the car myself either. The wall was in the way to the right, the halo to the left. And there was a gap of 30 or 40 centimeters to the asphalt. So I was hoping the marshals would come quickly. But they reacted really well and did a good job. But for me it was of course an unfamiliar situation.

Would it have been easier to get out of the car without the halo?

Hülkenberg : I do not know that. I can't answer that question. I don't know what the situation would have been like without Halo. But either way ... the halo is there, we have to put up with it.

How was the situation with the marshals? Did you give any instructions?

Hulkenberg : No, they were just concerned about my well-being.

But it took more than three minutes until you were finally free.

Hülkenberg : You once noticed how heavy such a box is. They couldn't just turn the car around. Maybe something got stuck. And the marshals didn't want to just let me fall down, because then there would have been a danger to my spine. That's why they did it very gently and slowly.

Any bruises?

Hülkenberg : No, everything's fine!

Have you ever rolled over on the racetrack?

Hülkenberg : Not yet in a formula car. The only time was once in the cart.

Hülkenberg had already dueled hard with Grosjean in the curve beforehand.

What was the situation that led to the accident? Did you not expect Grosjean anymore?

Hülkenberg : That was a bit confusing. I was initially under attack from Ocon. He then practically pushed me into the attack on Romain. We were both late on the brakes and both entered the corner with the tires locking. At the exit of the curve I was already outside on the white line. I haven't seen him again. So I thought that he opened up and drove straight ahead. Then I took the vertex normally. But unfortunately he was still there.

It's actually a shame to see what was possible at Sainz

Hülkenberg : Yes, but that would have looked different for me at the start with the Hypersoft. It was like Singapore. It would not have been so easy for me to get into the points.


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