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Hülkenberg stays with Force India: contract until 2017

Hulkenberg stays with Force India
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Hülkenberg has canceled Haas F1

A In the end everything went very quickly. On Friday (8/28/2015) Nico Hülkenberg canceled his other option, Haas F1. Four days later, Force India announced its contract extension. Hülkenberg drives for the English racing team until 2017. In 2011 he was hired there as a test driver in order to make his debut in 2012 with 63 points. After a year at Sauber, Hülkenberg returned to Force India in 2014 and finished 9th in the World Championship with 96 points. After 12 of 19 races this season, the Le Mans winner has 24 points to his name. That makes him twelfth in the overall standings.

Hülkenberg said of his new contract: 'I'm glad that I got my plans wrapped up early on. I know the team inside out. That's why I do it Sense of long-term commitment. The progress over the past two years has convinced me and gives me confidence for the future. It's a great group of people who are hungry for success and want to improve year after year. '

Le Mans is also possible with Force India

Two things were decisive for Hülkenberg. With the B version of the VJM08, the team's engineers have proven that they have found a way out of the aerodynamic impasse. Team boss Vijay Mallya set the right priorities by moving to Toyota's wind tunnel, even if it cost the team almost 4 million euros more.

Mallya also allows Hülkenberg to continue to compete for Porsche at Le Mans. That would have been more difficult with Ferrari partner Haas F1. While still in Spa, Hülkenberg admitted: 'It's important to me to include the Porsche project in my contract for 2016.'

Vijay Mallya witnessed Hülkenberg's victory at Le Mans live on site. 'It's no big secret that I'm one of Nico's biggest fans. He has now spent almost 4 years with us and during that time he has matured into one of the best racing drivers in the world. Nico has the speed, the technical knowledge and the maturity to help us achieve great results. '

Who is the second driver? Perez or Maldonado?

With the early conclusion of the contract, Hülkenberg also anticipated the possible threat from Pastor Maldonado. The Venezuelan will be on the market when Renault brings a real works team to the start next year. HisA 50 million dollar dowry is interesting for any racing team in the midfield. Also for Force India.

The petro-dollars from Venezuela could now perhaps become a problem for Sergio Perez. The Mexican is still waiting for a contract confirmation. Even if Perez is the better choice from a sporting point of view, it could be an uncomfortable autumn for him if Maldonado is free. This decision will be made in the next few weeks. Force India has secured itself with Hülkenberg. The blond boy is a sure point supplier. Now the team can calmly explore the market and see where the most money can be found.

With Maldonado, the Silverstone team would have leverage to get more money out of Mexico. But there are also rumors that Perez and his Mexico connection are interesting for Williams. Both Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas are still waiting for confirmation for 2016. Williams has to fill a hole of 20 million euros. That is roughly the budget that comes with the Perez environment.


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