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Hülkenberg misses Q3: Errors and engine problems cost seats

Hulkenberg misses Q3
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D the upgrade from the upgrade works. Force India now has a car that can even make it into the top 5 on the grid. Sergio Perez showed it with the fifth fastest time. The Mexican even moved up one place on the grid because Romain Grosjean lost 5 starting positions due to a gear change. Despite the highest top speed, Perez was also well on the way in the middle sector. He only lost 6 tenths to Nico Rosberg.

Nico Hülkenberg's eleventh place does not fit into the picture. The World Cup ninth missed the promotion to the top ten final by 0.056 seconds. Normally, the Q3 shouldn't have been a problem for Hülkenberg. 'A place in the top 5 would have been possible for me too.' If the drive unit had been healthy. But drivers and engineers noticed a loss of power. 'That cost me two tenths on the straight.'

Head of Technology Andy Green explained: 'With Nico, the turbocharger does not build up the same pressure as in Sergio's engine. We suspect either a calibration error or a leak. ' Mercedes hopes to be able to solve the problem through software changes. A change of the turbocharger on Sunday is no longer an option due to time constraints.

Hülkenberg warns of Williams and Lotus

But the decisive factor was the mistake in the first corner. Hülkenberg braked himself in La Source and missed the apex. That cost another two tenths. Hülkenberg had set the braking balance too far forward to protect the rear tires for the second braking maneuver at the end of the Kemmel straight. The Le Mans winner was annoyed: 'The car is doing really well here. We were even able to improve the balance from Friday to Saturday.' So less understeer.

Now lightning starter Hülkenberg is hoping for a good start. 'Eleventh place on the grid is not the end of the world. If I can win a few places on the first lap, I'll still do well.'

Spa is not Budapest. You can make up positions there on the racetrack. 'Overtaking is not exactly easy, but possible,' said Hülkenberg. But he also warns: 'Williams is back in life after the bad Friday, and we have to watch out for Lotus too.' Hülkenberg has enough fresh sets of soft compounds for this. 'That's a small advantage,' he admitted, 'but I would have preferred to have been five places ahead.'


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