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Hülkenberg in a good position: will the tire joker win the race?

Hulkenberg in good position
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B With Force India one could hardly believe the luck. Places 9 and 10 were like winning the lottery. They are the first ranks outside of Q3. According to the new tire rules, Sergio Perez and Nico Hülkenberg are the first pilots who are allowed to have new rubbers fitted at the start.

'We are in a good position,' grins Hülkenberg mischievously. 'The supersofts shouldn't last very long at the start.' The first 8 drivers have to drive off on the used tires that they were already using in qualifying. Force India can not only put on fresh soles, but also harder ones - either soft or even medium.

Force India attacks Williams, Toro Rosso and Red Bull on

If the competition turns into the pits early as expected, Perez and Hülkenberg should meanwhile lead the field. Then it comes down to the right tactics. You want to attack at least the places from 5th place thanks to the tire advantage. 'It's going to be very close. I'm curious to see what the longrun story looks like in the race and who the big tire whisperer is', analyzes Hulkenberg.

The German was just a little annoyed that he was the one in the team-internal duel Shorter drawn. The decisive lap in Q2 was a tenth slower than Perez's: 'My first sector was not outstanding. And at the end of the lap my rear tires died completely. I also gave a little more time,' said the Rhinelander.

Hülkenberg was particularly impressed by Toro Rosso: 'They are not bad, my dear man. But you could have expected that a bit. They looked strong in Barcelona. They have a very good car aerodynamically.' This is a role model for Force India: 'When you see that Toro Rosso is driving up there - with an engine that has less power. Something has to come from us too. And something comes too. The earlier, the better. '

Hülkenberg not enthusiastic about the new qualifying

Hülkenberg cannot understand the big surprise about the new qualifying format:' We had already expected beforehand that there would not be much action in Q3 Of course that's not great for the fans. But we saw it coming. That's why we weren't drivers for the new qualifying format. It doesn't look good when there are 3 minutes left and nothing happens . '

Otherwise theThe new mode also has its appeal: 'It's a bit more challenging for the drivers. The focus is now more on the first runs in the respective session. Otherwise, from my point of view, it wasn't dramatically different. But I'm not particularly enthusiastic. For midfield teams It used to be a highlight to get into Q3. That has now been killed. The 3-4 top teams book the places in the first 8th '


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