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Hülkenberg hopes for a race: I'm happy to be surprised & # 34;

Hulkenberg hopes to race
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N ico Hülkenberg was in a good mood after qualifying. Starting position 14 was not a big disappointment: 'Our expectations were confirmed today. On one lap we are where we have seen each other before. That is simply the reality,' the 27-year-old analyzed soberly.

Last year’s ninth place in the World Championship could have been even further up the front: 'The rear of the car broke out a little in the last corner. That probably cost a position. After all, the fast lap was enough to beat team-mate Sergio Perez. A thousandth separated the two Force India pilots in Q2.

Force India upswing only with technology updates

The question of the reason for the VJM08 lagging behind the competition is simple explained. Except for the wind susceptibility known from the previous year, Hülkenberg cannot see any particular weaknesses in the new car: 'It actually feels good. The balance is right. But if you look at the others, they are just half a second faster. We miss it just downforce. '

The German missed exactly the half-second mentioned in Q2 to make it into the top ten. The only thing that can help to close the gap is updates. Hülkenberg sees one reason for the false start in the delays in the construction of the car. 'Everything was late in winter. Had we got the car ready earlier, we might have had a little update here. It's a snowball effect. It will probably drag on a little further into this year.'

Hülkenberg appeals to his engineers: 'It is now a matter of how effectively we work. If the updates go as they did last year, then it won't work. If we do better, then hopefully it will work relatively early forward in Europe. '

Hülkenberg hopes for the Abu Dhabi effect in Melbourne

Despite the backlog, the Rhinelander is not going into the opening race without hope:' When you go out to Abu Dhabi last year - I was twelfth in qualifying and in the race the car suddenly went like a fire brigade. That was a couple of times last year. In practice, the car also felt good on the long run. However, the times weren't particularly famous . I like to be surprised. In the first Something can always happen in races. '

Hülkenberg has to give Mercedes a huge gap to the rest of the fieldonly a grin left: 'That's awesome. But that was expected somewhere. Lewis was in a good mood today. Every shot was a hit. There was no way we could do that.'


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