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Hülkenberg has to go back 10 places: Harsh penalty for starter crash

Hülkenberg has to return 10 places
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N ico Hülkenberg is back in Monza from drive far back. After hearing everyone involved, the FIA ​​commissioners decided to downgrade the person who caused the accident by 10 places at the upcoming race in Monza. After Hülkenberg admitted his mistake himself, the discussion was only about the amount of the fine.

Many compared the crash with Romain Grosjean's starting accident in the same place in 2012. The Frenchman also had a few at the time Competitors cleared away in the first few meters and was then banned from a race. Race director Charlie Whiting explained why Hulkenberg was spared this fate: “With Grosjean it was the fourth incident in a shorter time. And back then we didn't have a point system. That was only introduced as a result of this accident. “

Hülkenberg takes 4 cars out of the race

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Alonso went flying after he was kicked by Hulkenberg.

In addition to his starting place penalty, Hülkenberg also received 3 points for his list of sinners. He now has four points on the penalty account. 'At Grosjean it would have been 12 points based on today's calculations, which would be a penalty for a race,' said Whiting. According to Whiting, Hülkenberg accepted the judgment without objection. 'He probably expected it.'

The Rhinelander had taken the full blame on himself and didn't look for any excuses during the hearing. 'In this case, it would not have changed the judgment if he had not admitted his mistake,' said Whiting. 'He was clearly to blame for the fact that four cars failed.'

The driver was also remorseful to the press: 'I accept the penalty. I have the other oneRace destroyed. And I destroyed the race myself too. It cannot be compared with the case of Grosjean. A few things happened before that, which is not the case with me. I usually drive clean. And you don't do that on purpose. But we know that this can always happen. Unfortunately it happened to me today. “

2018 cars sensitive in traffic

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Charles Leclerc was lucky that nothing worse happened.

To Hulkenberg's apology, one can add that it was not the first crash of this kind this season. Vettel crashed at the start of the French GP in Bottas, Sirotkin and Perez had a similar rear-end collision in Baku. And the lack of grip on the front axle also played a decisive role in the collision of the two Red Bulls in Baku.

Even at Spa, Hülkenberg was not the only driver who braked at the start. Initially unnoticed by the cameras, Valtteri Bottas drove Sergey Sirotkin's Williams into the stern. The Finn subsequently received a 5-second penalty, but this did not affect the result. “We didn't notice the accident in the chaos on the first lap,” apologized Charlie Whiting. “That is why it was only examined after the race.”

Hulkenberg explained how the crash came about in his case: “It is unbelievable this year how much the grip level changes when you are more direct Proximity to other cars drives. You lose a lot of grip, especially on the front axle. I only touched the brakes lightly and the wheels locked directly. From the outside, of course, it doesn't look particularly great. That was simply a misjudgment on my part. '

Whiting took note of Hülkenberg's statements with a smile:' If the drivers know that the cars react sensitively in traffic, they just have to exercise a little extra caution '

Fernando Alonso did not want to accept the apology either:' Such a mistake simply cannot happen at such a level. He completely missed his braking point. The consequences were pretty severe. Fortunately it isnothing happens to anyone. The next time he should think twice in such a situation. '


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