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Hülkenberg fails in Q1: technology ends qualifying record series

Hulkenberg fails in Q1
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F For Renault, the European kick-off seemed after to end in bankruptcy on Friday training. Nico Hülkenberg and Carlos Sainz struggled to keep up with the other midfield teams. The balance in the car just wasn't right. But then things suddenly got off to a good start in the third free practice session on Saturday.

Renault manages the turnaround

“We made a lot of changes to the setup. We already did a lot yesterday, but then again overnight. That also helped, ”Hülkenberg praised his engineers. “We were able to squeeze significantly more performance out of the car. In addition, the conditions still suited us today. The wind wasn't that strong. It's better for us. ”

You notice it again here on this track that you have no chance if you are behind another car. It's brutally difficult here. Otherwise that kills the sport. ”

A route like Barcelona highlights the problem in particular:“ It's like in tennis, when you position yourself with your forehand to the ball, and especially when you want to pull through, you take someone takes the bat out of hand. Then you look pretty stupid. '

' Of course you still try to attack somehow. But it's really hard. Especially when all the tire wear is off the line at some point. There aren't that many lines that you can drive to get a clean flow. If the speed difference from the tire or the car is not big enough, you never get past


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