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Hülkenberg disappointed with the F1 calendar: Porsche has until December

Hulkenberg disappointed with the F1 calendar
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D he Formula 1 is nothing sacred. In recent years there has been an unwritten agreement between FIA President Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone. No Grand Prix may take place on the date of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This has been a waste of time since the last World Council meeting on September 30th. A Grand Prix will take place on the date of the long distance classic. And of all people, one who will draw attention to Formula 1. The GP premiere in Azerbaijan on one of the most spectacular tracks on the calendar.

This is bad news for Nico Hülkenberg. 'Of course I'm disappointed with the calendar. I would have loved to have driven at Le Mans again.' The 2015 winner had already spoken to Porsche about a mission. There is a mutual interest in continuing the success story. That just died once. 'I have to accept it as it is. My hands are tied. It also makes little sense to talk to Bernie about it. He will hardly change it for me.'

Decision for the fifth engine is made late

Nevertheless, Hulkenberg hopes that there will be movement in the GP calendar again. That the influential AC de L‘Ouest might be putting pressure on the FIA ​​to avoid a deadline collision. The final calendar is usually presented at the championship ceremony in December. 'That would be enough for Porsche to make its driver choice,' believes Hülkenberg, but adds: 'They too have a deadline for when they have to occupy the car.' But the Force India driver makes one thing clear: 'I wouldn't sacrifice a Grand Prix for Le Mans. Formula 1 has priority.'

In Formula 1, everything for Hülkenberg is currently about the question of whether he can avoid a motor penalty. Because of the engine failure in China, he's in a different rhythm than all other Mercedes drivers. He already used his fourth engine at the Singapore GP. That is why he is the only Mercedes driver who cannot get a fresh engine in Sochi.

In theory, it is possible to survive the season with the engines in the system. If he continues to do without kilometers on Friday. Or if it fails again due to a defect or accident. But of course Hülkenberg doesn't want that. 'We will postpone the decision for the fifth engine as long as possible. Ideally until the last two Grand Prix. Shouldbut if we qualify badly beforehand, we could prefer it without major damage. 'Otherwise, Force India is waiting for a track that is easy to overtake. The ideal place would be Interlagos.


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