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Hülkenberg admits mistakes: & # 34; Felipe should have left room & # 34;

Hulkenberg admits mistakes
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A m Monday after the Singapore GP, Felipe Massa got a mail Mobile phone. Nico Hulkenberg said sorry. The two had clashed in the 13th round of the night race. Massa came out of the box. Hülkenberg flew up on the track.

The Force India got stuck with the Williams at the apex of the third corners and flew into the barriers. For Hülkenberg it was over. Massa dragged himself into the pits with a puncture and gave up 18 laps later with gearbox damage.

In the heat of the battle, the drivers blamed each other. Massa insisted that Hulkenberg should have given him more space. The German fired back: 'I was at the apex in front. That made the curve mine and I took it on the racing line. Suddenly I felt a blow on the left behind.'

The stewards could agree with the version of the Force India pilots don't befriend. They sentenced Hulkenberg to punishment. He has to drop three starting positions in Suzuka.

Massa could not vanish into thin air

The Le Mans winner changed his mind four days later. 'I should have given Felipe more space. There was an opportunity outside. Then I would have stayed in front, at least until the next bend. He could then have used DRS on the long straight. I have no idea how that would have turned out.' p>

Hulkenberg admitted that he had seen Massa. 'The pits warned me over the radio and I saw him when I was still further away from the corner. Of course, I couldn't see him in the corner itself, but I knew he was there. Felipe could get away not dissolve into thin air. '

Hülkenberg can also live with the punishment. 'It's not ideal, but you can see it that way. Even if I punished myself with it. My race was over immediately. And I could have ended up where Sergio got there.' Perez finished seventh in Singapore.

Massa would not have finished the race even without a crash

Massa is not angry with Hülkenberg . 'It was a nice gesture that he apologized.' Massa could not see his opponent at first. 'From the pit exit you can't see what's going on behind you on the track. But I knew that Nico had to be somewhere. My pit told me that we would meet. When I saw the Force India for the first time , was italready too late. I couldn't get out of the trap. '

The Williams driver reveals that he would not have finished the race either way.' We had a problem with the clutch. The transmission suffered as a result. At a certain point in the race it became clear that I couldn't finish. That's why the collision with Nico didn't hit me so hard. It happened in a race that was lost to me anyway. '


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