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Hülk gets aero upgrade: & # 34; Points possible on every route & # 34;

Hülk gets aero upgrade
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F orce India won't let up. Since the B version of the VJM08 was used, the team has always scored points with one exception. In two cases even with both cars. Therefore, in retrospect, Nico Hülkenberg is annoyed about the two zeros in Budapest and Spa: 'It could have been easy points for us.' World Cup counters also fell by the wayside in Monza. The aero balance wasn't right. 'The baffles and the underbody were more worn than those of Perez.' The result: loss of downforce in the rear.

Force India is also pushing a small technology upgrade in Singapore. There are retouches on the front wing and the brake ventilation. Another step to consolidate 5th place in the World Cup. 'We now have a package with which we can score points on each racetrack with both cars on our own. We have to access that.'

New overtaking opportunity in Turn 13?

After 12 of 19 races, Force India is fifth in the Constructors' Championship with 63 points. Some team members dream of even knocking Red Bull off its pedestal. Hülkenberg thinks this is unrealistic: 'They have 50 points more than we have on the account. And Singapore will be one of their strongest races. Behind Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, we can take on anyone in Singapore.' That would have been an impossibility in the first half of the season with the basic version of the VJM08.

Hülkenberg still has an account to be taken with the street circuit at Marina Bay. So far, in 2013 and 2014 it was only enough to two ninth places. Last year, the Le Mans winner had his back to the wall on worn tires at the end of the race. He benefited from the fact that you can defend yourself well in the labyrinth of 23 corners.

This year there should be one more overtaking point between corners 10 and 13 thanks to a new layout. Hülkenberg doubts it: 'We will get there faster in the hairpin at the Fullerton Hotel. And what used to be a narrow tube is now the size of an airfield. Nevertheless, it will be difficult to stab inside.'


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