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How do you go against World Cup contenders Rosberg and Hamilton?

Attack on Rosberg or Hamilton
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D the world championship duel is once again between the two Mercedes -Pilot decided. It stands 349 to 330 for Nico Rosberg. With two races to go, everything speaks for the 31-year-old's first world title and against the British's fourth. Lewis Hamilton has to hope for strong help to turn the table in his favor.

Attack instead of restraint

There could be help from the other pilots. In case they slide between Hamilton and his German rivals. But how do you actually behave when, as a driver with no world championship chances, you face one of the contenders for the big crown? Full attack or restraint? The pilots have a clear opinion. If the worst comes to the worst, you want to attack and not voluntarily back off.

Max Verstappen backed up his claim in Mexico. He doesn't want to back down. No way. At the start he grabbed Rosberg and the Red Bull and Mercedes touched. It could have meant the end of Rosberg's race after a few hundred meters if the suspension on the Mercedes had broken due to the collision. The steering was crooked after the incident. In the race, Verstappen even started a second maneuver, regardless of losses. 'Just imagine if I told my team that I would cruise behind them and not overtake them,' says Verstappen, making it clear that he would always be ready to attempt to overtake. However, not by unfair means. 'You always treat each other with respect and try not to have an accident.'

Hülkenberg remembers the past

Red Bull team-mate Daniel Ricciardo is also not exercising restraint. “Just because they are fighting one another doesn't mean we shouldn't attack if a loophole opens up. Especially when it comes to victory, which it would mean if we were to fight them. ”The Australian thinks that out of consideration you shouldn't influence the World Cup. “The championship will end as it is intended. We shouldn't interfere with the result by doing nothing. ”

The two Williams drivers also have a clear opinion. A racing driver does not voluntarily stay behind a competitor. “I drive like against anyone else. I always calculate the risk before attacking. I would do it the same way against her, ”says Valtteri Bottas. His credo: 'Turn your head on so you don't do anything stupid.' Felipe Massawarns the Silver Arrows. “You would have to be careful with me because I would try anything.” If things go normally, Williams will not spit Mercedes into the soup. Unless something unusual happens on Sunday. And that's what Formula 1 and the Brazilian GP are always good for.

Sebastian Vettel could fight a lot more than Williams against Hamilton and Rosberg in the Ferrari. The Heppenheimer puts respect in the foreground. “You never try to do something that doesn't let you see the checkered flag. This applies in any case, regardless of whether your opponent is fighting for the World Cup or not. You should have the situation in mind because they did the best job over the season. Everyone else should respect that. ”

Nico Hülkenberg wants to race against the World Cup contenders as always. For one simple reason. “The other way around, the two of them would do the same.” The tall Rhinelander recalls examples from the past. “We are all egoists. In 2010, Petrov didn't go out of his way to give Alonso the title against Sebastian. We have a responsibility for the team. ”

And what do Rosberg and Hamilton themselves say? “We are competitors like everyone else. We know that. ”The defending champion agrees.


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