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Horner's advice to Verstappen: look at the teammate

Horner's advice to Verstappen
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R ed Bull motorsport boss Helmut Marko usually stops his protective hand over Max Verstappen. But this time it was too much for the usually strict doctor. “An unforgivable mistake. The third training session is about nothing. If Sainz irritates him, he should stop the lap. ”The accident pilot replied defiantly:“ Despite the handicap, I was still two tenths below my best time. ”Typically Verstappen. He is always and everywhere at the limit. He can just go full throttle. This is what makes him so popular with his fans.

You may find that good or unwise. It was an own goal in Monte Carlo. Verstappen lost the chance of a Red Bull one-two with his crash. From the team's point of view, 1st and 9th place in the race almost felt like a loss. Seldom has a car been as superior as the RB14 in Monte Carlo. Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen led the three training sessions in pairs. Ricciardo took two tenths from Ferrari and four tenths from Mercedes. 'They go out and are always super fast,' marveled Sebastian Vettel.

Verstappen could lead the World Cup

Small mistake, big effect: Max Verstappen threw in the third Training a possible victory away.

After the accident, Verstappen followed with a sullen face, like the team-mate for the second time in his career on pole Position drove. While one Red Bull was at the front of the grid, the other was at the back. The strong race to catch up in 9th place was only little consolation. 'If only he had driven like this on Saturday,' groaned team boss Christian Horner.

The experts didn't spare criticism. “If he were my driver, I wouldI ask him: how much longer do you want to do this? That was a completely unnecessary accident, ”said Niki Lauda. TV expert Martin Brundle said: “Max should now ask himself a few questions. He has 66 grands prix under his belt and is no longer a newcomer. Any other driver would be kicked out after such a series of accidents. He could lead the World Cup, but can now almost write it off. ”

In fact, Lewis Hamilton's account already has 110 points, Vettel's 96. Verstappen is 6th in the World Cup with 35 points. As rarely as Hamilton and Vettel fail, it will be difficult to catch up. Red Bull almost has to bet his cards on Ricciardo, who is still within reach with 72 points. Brundle is convinced: “Verstappen could have finished on the podium in every race this year. His mistakes are all the more bitter. ”

Verstappen is only to blame for the slip-ups in Shanghai and Monte Carlo. Everything else is racing accidents as they happen in a duel. Baku too. But wild Max was still lucky. The stewards would have punished him severely if both Red Bull drivers hadn't taken the blame on themselves. “If the incident had happened to another driver, there could have been a race ban,” we hear from FIA circles. Because Verstappen had changed lanes twice again in the braking zone. 'He'll have to get the receipt at some point,' demands a World Cup opponent.

Ricciardo is becoming more and more valuable

New number 1 at Red Bull: Ricciardo is led by Adrian Newey, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko celebrated.

Brundle is annoyed that Red Bull's hopefuls overshoots the mark so often. “Max has so much more talent than I ever had. As a racing driver, it hurts to see how so much talent is simply wasted. ”There is something arrogant about how carefree Verstappen deals with these incidents. As if he knew that he is Red Bull's most expensive horse in the stable and that he can therefore afford any mistake.

Horner tries to keep the ball flat: 'Max should now take it easy and think about it.what would have been possible in Monaco if he hadn't had this accident. He's got talent in abundance, but he's wasting it right now because he wants too much at once. He works harder than ever and doesn't get anything in return. The world is watching him. So a bit frustrated. ”

At the same time, the Englishman praised his second driver's victory run. Horner compared it with Michael Schumacher's 2nd place in Barcelona in 1994, when the then Benetton driver only had fifth gear for long stretches of the race. 'Daniel showed perfect problem management under the greatest pressure.'

Hence the advice to the teammate: 'Maybe Max just takes a look at the other side of the garage. That would be the best lesson. ”Maybe not. It almost seems like Ricciardo is more of Verstappen's problem. The Australian was no longer on his bill after last year. Verstappen saw himself in a three-way battle for the title with Hamilton and Vettel. And now Verstappen finds that Ricciardo gets along at least as well with this RB14 as he does himself. And drives practically flawlessly.

Red Bull made Verstappen number one with the contract extension for a rumored 30 million euros per year promoted in the stable. With all equal treatment: Verstappen is Red Bull's investment in the future. Ricciardo should only earn half. His contract is running out. With this constellation, it would not be a surprise if, in case of doubt, the team relies on the man who stays and not the one who might leave.

The score turns the theory into the opposite. Ricciardo's soaring increases the pressure on a boy prodigy, who gives the impression that he wants to enforce the title this year. The World Cup situation is also a problem for Red Bull. Ricciardo is becoming more and more valuable. Also for the competition.


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