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Honda token for new turbo: not engine, but turbocharger

Honda token for new turbo
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D he token battle has just begun. Ferrari redeemed the first 3 of its 10 remaining tokens. It should be a new cylinder head. In the FIA's list of changes, the fourth of a total of 42 points is described with the keyword 'Combustion'. It costs 3 tokens and includes all parts that define the combustion.

According to the official FIA list, the third engine was installed in Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen's cars on Friday and not as originally planned not until Saturday. According to the lap times in the first practice session, Ferrari drove with reduced power. Vettel was 1.6 seconds short of Lewis Hamilton's fastest time. Apparently Ferrari wanted to test its modified engine for reliability first.

Honda with new turbochargers and MGU-H

In the FIA ​​list, the two McLaren-Honda are still third Engine noted. Actually one would have expected the fourth engine, since the Japanese had planned 2 tokens. The riddle is only solved on the second page. Honda installed new turbochargers and the MGU-H in both cars. You have already reached number 4.

Tokens can also be used with the other five components of the engine. It doesn't necessarily have to be the combustion engine. At Honda, larger loaders are said to have cost the 2 tokens. In this case there are two options. Either the turbine or the compressor.

This is where the statement of a McLaren employee makes sense, who does not expect the big power step until Spielberg, because the race track there is 660 meters above sea level. A bigger turbine could help. Honda lagged behind the competition in this area.


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