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Honda engine with big problems: but a year off for Alonso?

Honda engine with major problems
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M cLaren pushes the date of the announcement of his formula 1- Driver for the 2015 season ahead of them. First, the racing team named the end of the season as the deadline. Then December 1st. Then December 4th. Now it's December 10th and still nothing has happened. The problem is Fernando Alonso. According to various media reports, the Spaniard has long since signed with McLaren. But whatever Alonso signed: It was at most a letter of intent.

Alonso's worries

Meanwhile, there are many indications that the ex-Ferrari driver is delaying his commitment. And it is questionable whether he will ever do it. Even Bernie Ecclestone is no longer so sure whether there will be a second marriage between McLaren and Alonso. Two weeks ago he would have bet on it.

The two-time world champion has two worries. One concerns the Honda engine. During test drives in Abu Dhabi, he only managed five laps in two days. And you hear from Japan that there are still serious problems with stability. The second element of uncertainty is management. At the moment, nobody knows who will be team principal at McLaren in 2015. Ron Dennis has to find money by January to pay for the shares in Mansour Ojjeh and the Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding.

Will Alonso a highly paid one Be a test pilot?

If the McLaren-Honda 2015 project got stuck in its infancy, Alonso would go from bad to worse. The best driver in the guild has no desire to continue playing the highly paid test pilot. He could have stayed with Ferrari right away. The engine regulations also do not allow errors to be corrected. A performance deficit is carried around with you all season. Alonso in the cockpit would not be advisable for Honda either, should it become apparent that the first season could be a flop. With a superstar in the cockpit, you suffer more. Because the whole world is watching.

Except for McLaren, Alonso has no more sensible options for next season. A year off makes perfect sense. You can live well with the compensation from Ferrari. And as the season progresses, there could be opportunities that Alonso would miss if he committed to the McLaren risk card now. For example Red Bull.

What happens there if Daniil Kvyat doesn't hit the mark as hoped? A story like thatby Daniel Ricciardo is not repeated every year. For example Williams. A place could become free there in 2016 if Ferrari replaces Kimi Räikkönen with his compatriot Valtteri Bottas. And for example Lotus. The old homeland could become an option for Alonso, if the Lotus-Mercedes combination hits like the Williams and Mercedes.

Alonso with Hülkenberg for Porsche at Le Mans?

If Alonso McLaren cancels, he can drive the third car for Porsche at Spa and Le Mans next year. Together with Nico Hülkenberg. You can hear that Alonso and Porsche are largely in agreement. The question of what Jenson Button is doing will be exciting. If McLaren holds off its drivers any longer in the hope of Alonso, Button could anticipate the decision. After Tom Kristensen's resignation, Audi is looking for a replacement for the World Sports Car Championship. Button would be a good choice.


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