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Home bankruptcy in Suzuka: Alonso attack against Honda

Home bankruptcy in Suzuka
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F ernando Alonso doesn't turn his heart into a murder pit. His race engineer got a lot on his ears in Suzuka. When the Spaniard had to watch helplessly as the competition flew past him in the first few laps, the two-time world champion complained over the radio. 'I'm being overtaken here like a GP2 car. It's really embarrassing, very embarrassing.'

Alonso lets frustration run free

Alonso repeated his suffering later in the race once. “GP2 engine, GP2!” He shouted into the headphones of those responsible at the command post. The proud Japanese will certainly not accept the harsh criticism of the Honda engine at the home game.

After the race, the driver defended himself: 'It's not much fun on the racetrack at the moment when you're on the Overtaking straights. Other pilots make mistakes and still easily get past us. That is very frustrating. '

To smooth things over, Alonso repeated the well-known slogans:' I think that we are the only team that can challenge Mercedes in the long term. We know the problems we still have at the moment. Unfortunately, we can't hide on race Sunday. That feels really embarrassing. It shouldn't happen that you are overtaken like that. After all, we finished with both cars. '

Dennis confirms both drivers for 2016

Ron Dennis reacted angrily to the words of his protégé: 'This is n Not very helpful in building a strong relationship with Honda. I can understand it because it has been going on for several races. Do I tolerate such statements? No. Will I freak out? No. I will handle it my way and my way is not public. '

Dennis confirmed that they want to continue with both drivers. Speculation about the resignation of the 2009 world champion continued to mount in Suzuka: 'Jenson has a contract for the next 2 years. There is an option to end it first. I told Jenson a little too late that we had no intention of exercising the option. I should have said that on Tuesday and not on Thursday. '


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