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Heikki Huovinen
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I n Jerez, Heikki Huovinen already got a foretaste of what expects him in the future. Always at Sebastian Vettel's side, there was a two-day intensive course for the 28-year-old Finn, who this year will succeed Tommi Pärmäkoski as physiotherapist, personal coach and girl for everything.

How important that Man is by his side, Vettel had emphasized in Suzuka last year. In the first reaction after winning the second world title, the assembled world press praised Pärmäkoski, whose decision to leave was already clear. For private reasons, the likable blonde is moving back to Finland, where he will work as an ice hockey coach.

Pärmäkoski recommends Heikki Huovinen

Before leaving after three successful years with Vettel he personally took care of his successor. The Formula 1 world champion gladly followed the recommendation. Heikki Huovinen had played ice hockey with Pärmäkoski. While Tommi kept the booth tight in the back of the goal, Heikki shot in the storm for the goals. Now he should ensure that Vettel is physically and mentally in top shape to defend his title again.

Before joining the German Formula 1 star, Heikki Huovinen was employed in a renowned Finnish fitness studio. He has a master's degree in sports science from the well-known university in Jyväskylä. Now he only has to take care of a single 'customer'. Huovinen has already moved to Switzerland to train regularly with Vettel.

Heikki Huovinen learns F1 basics

During the test drives in Jerez, the 'newcomer' showed up for the first time on the route in an official capacity. While his boss went to a team meeting, Vettel spokeswoman Britta Roeske showed the newcomer to the double world champion's staff the paddock. At the pit wall he learned another important task: equipping and showing the pit board.

That Heikki Huovinen is a good match for Vettel was evident on the evening of the first day of the test. For a long time, the coach pored over files containing details of the various items of clothing used by a Formula 1 racing driver. This meticulousness should earn him plus points from the new boss. Incidentally, the Finn was not available for the press at the first appearance. No distraction please for Heikki Huovinen, it said from the RedBull camp.


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