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Heat in the cockpit: titanium blocks are to blame

Heat in the cockpit
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F ure they are a blessing for the photographers. The drivers, on the other hand, swear. The new titanium blocks for fastening the floor plate under the cars create a nice shower of sparks. In Shanghai more than in Melbourne and Sepang. This is due to the undulating route and the low ground clearance in the front area of ​​the underbody. 'Especially at the end of the straight, the car touches down really badly,' reported Felipe Massa.

Williams increases ground clearance

Massa was one of the first victims of the heavy road contact. He reported smoke in the cockpit during the third training session. Lewis Hamilton complained that the seat was too hot. The Englishman can choose between a normal seat and one with heat insulation. But that is heavier. When it got too hot for him while driving, Hamilton didn't care about the additional weight.

The fault are the titanium blocks that heat up when they come into frequent contact with the ground. This is emitted into the cockpit or, in the worst case, turns into smoke that penetrates the passenger compartment. At Massa the problem was solved with the vote. 'We went a millimeter higher at the front. Already the car didn't hit that hard.'


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