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Has Rosberg blocked Hamilton ?: No trouble in the Mercedes warehouse

Has Rosberg blocked Hamilton?
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D his scene sparked discussions on social networks. Especially in the short message service Twitter. Although it didn't affect the result. It was around two and a half minutes before the end of qualifying when Lewis Hamilton appeared in Nico Rosberg's rear-view mirror on the quick left turn of turn five. After a personal best time in the first sector.

Rosberg happy about Hamilton overtaking maneuvers

On the way to the sixth bend of the 5.543 kilometer long track, Rosberg stayed on the ideal line and let his teammate on happen on the inside. The world champion promptly took it easy. Fans and experts asked themselves: Did Rosberg intentionally block Hamilton and spoil a fast lap for him?

After qualifying, the two Silver Arrows drivers answered: 'No.' Hamilton said: 'My first sector wasn't good enough.' Rosberg added: 'Lewis had already slowed down. We were both on the strategy of doing two fast laps with the intermediates. I was really happy that he passed me. I wanted me to set my time at the end Because the track is better there. It was just about keeping the tires warm. '

Hamilton sets pole time in the first Run-up

However, Hamilton did not rein in his pace voluntarily, as reported by Mercedes strategy Andrew Shovlin. 'Lewis made a mistake at turn four.' This follows directly after the measuring barrier of sector one. The two Mercedes drivers used the same tactics in the third qualifying stage: 1 + 2. That means: First a quick lap on the intermediates, then a tire change and finally two timed laps on the rollers with the green marking.

Hamilton set the pole time of 1: 49.834 minutes in the first attempt . And initially relegated his teammate by 1.232 seconds. Another five and a half tenths behind came Sebastian Vettel, who chose the opposite strategy. First two attempts and one at the end. Rosberg applauded his team-mate: 'Lewis just did a much better job on his fastest lap. He adjusted to the conditions better. The track had so much grip - despite the rain. That surprised me.'

Hamilton speaks strongly to Vettel

In the last few minutes, the Monegasse could no longer counter. On a slow oneTime of 2: 26.994 minutes was followed by his personal best in 1: 50.299 minutes. He had a simple explanation for his defeat: 'Our tactics and timing were not ideal. Because there was so much grip on the track, I even broke my tires while driving slowly.' In his fast lap it didn't go optimally either. Rosberg made a mistake. Shovlin: 'Nico had two small mistakes.' To make matters worse for Rosberg, Vettel slipped into second place between the two Mercedes. 'Sebastian just drove well.'

In the race, Rosberg has to pass the Ferrari as quickly as possible. Best at the start if he wants a chance to win. Rosberg encourages himself: 'I'm on the better side.'

If it stays dry on Sunday, he sees Mercedes better positioned. 'We're a few tenths ahead of Ferrari over the endurance run.' His team-mate is not so sure. Or he deliberately speaks strongly to Vettel: 'The Ferraris are pretty good at endurance. It's nice to start next to a four-time world champion. I hope we will have a nice fight.'


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