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Hartley misses Spain qualifier: 'The toughest crash of my career'

Jerry André
Hartley misses Spain qualifying
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D he accident happened shortly before the end of the third training session . Brendon Hartley was trying to focus on qualifying with little fuel and soft tires when the car suddenly swerved at the back at Turn 9. The blond boy took the crash on his own head: “When I turn in, I always drive a little outside onto the curbs. But this time it was two or three centimeters more to the left than usual and I got onto the grass. That's why I immediately lost control when I turned in. ”

n Formula 1 cars are. I am still a little tense in the neck area. I will definitely feel that tomorrow too. Still, I'm going into the race with optimism. I'm definitely aiming for championship points. ”From last place on the grid, however, it won't be an easy task - especially given the lack of horsepower in the Honda engine in the Toro Rosso.

The crash also increases internal team pressure on Hartley continued. The former Porsche works driver has so far been overshadowed by team mate Pierre Gasly this season. As soon as he got the cockpit for the Red Bull Junior Team at the end of last season, he could get rid of it as quickly. Anyone who knows Helmut Marko, the head of the junior program, knows that the Grazer's patience is limited.


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