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Hamilton wants to curb emotions: & # 34; Was shortly before a fight & # 34;

Hamilton wants to curb emotions
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F ı Max Verstappen was the race in Bahrain finished after only 3 rounds. The Dutchman tried to overtake Lewis Hamilton at Turn 1. At the exit, the front wing of the Mercedes caught on the rear tire of the Dutchman, who then lost air. A short time later it was all over.

Verstappen in the role of the victim

After the race, both drivers were quickly there with mutual accusations. The bolder words flew from Hamilton's corner in the direction of his opponent. Even in the waiting room in front of the podium, the Englishman had let off steam with a bad swear word. The British gossip papers accepted the insult with gratitude.

And so the duel was still an issue four days later in the Bahrain paddock. Verstappen had to take a stand at the official FIA press conference: “I just wanted to overtake a car. I started the attack like I did in Mexico last year. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it goes wrong. This is racing. I don't understand why everyone is making such a big deal out of it now. '

Of course, the press representatives were not satisfied with this evasive answer. Especially the harsh words from Hamilton must have left their mark on the Red Bull driver. Indeed, Verstappen fired a broadside back when he was asked about the reaction of his opponent: “It's always easy to blame the younger driver. That's why I'm not changing my style now. ”

Hamilton approaches Verstappen

The boulevard would have liked to keep the dispute simmering a little longer. But then the affair ended faster than expected: 'I just saw Max and we shook hands,' reported Hamilton in his media round on Thursday afternoon. “I told him that it's always good to show respect. It doesn't matter whether you are the older or the younger driver. '

' As an older driver, I saw the need to go to him. I told him I was sorry about how it went in the last race. Regardless of whether it was his or my fault. That is now in the past. I hope this helps to look ahead again and to deal with each other normally on the track again. The most important thing between the drivers is respect. ”

Ricciardo seesComplicity in both

Even if those involved smoked a peace pipe, the question of guilt still remained in the room. The fans have been discussing their fingers sore on social media in recent days. And Daniel Ricciardo had also taken a very close look at the scene: “I'm trying to be honest: Lewis didn't deserve a punishment for that. But it reminded me a little of my incident with Nico Rosberg in Budapest. It drove into me when I was driving on the curb at the end of the curve. ”

The moment when Verstappen der Burst tire. Who was to blame?

But Ricciardo also blames his own team-mate: “In my opinion, Max had already won the position. He didn't have to push Lewis out that far. Lewis had lost the speed, so Max would definitely have stayed in front. He was probably a little too greedy and pushed him a bit far out. I've also heard voices saying that Lewis could have pulled himself out of there. But for that he would have had to brake or leave the track. It's easier said than done. ”

So the FIA ​​doesn't seem too wrong to let the scene go on without penalty. All that remains is the story of Hamilton's insult before the podium ceremony. Hamilton announced that it would be a little more careful in the room before the trophy was awarded when it comes to showing emotions. “I've kept it pretty well under control over the years. That was the only time that I forgot that the cameras were on. '

Fighting in Formula 1 is unthinkable

He asked the journalists for understanding:' Give it a try To put you in a scenario where you're really angry, where the emotions go up and you're really mad - and then someone puts a microphone in your face. Then you no longer answer the way you normally would in peace. Nevertheless, people judge you by that. ”

According to Hamilton, it is difficult to find the right compromise between emotions and control. “Of course it's good when emotions are shown in sport. When you get to oneIce hockey game goes, then nobody minds if there is a fight. That's cool. Even in NASCAR there have been fights, but they are simply dealt with differently. If we had something like that here in Formula 1, Jesus Christ, then our career would probably be over. '

A reporter insisted on the step forward and asked the driver if he was ever close to to mess with a rival, to which Hamilton honestly replied: “I was indeed close to a fight. But I won't tell you when that was. I still have the feeling that I should have done it back then. ”


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