Hamilton vs. Rosberg: Thick air at Mercedes

Hamilton vs. Rosberg
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I m Mercedes' meeting room must have been in a bad mood at the briefing after the race. However, it had little to do with the constant smog in Shanghai. The events in the Silver Arrows duel in the previous 56 rounds caused much more need for discussion. Nico Rosberg felt himself being deliberately slowed down by his team-mate, which put his own second place in danger.

'Because Lewis was driving relatively slowly at the beginning of the first two stints, Sebastian always got relatively close. Unfortunately, I was able to Don't get any closer to Lewis, otherwise I would have ruined my tires. When Sebastian tried to overtake me with the early stop, I had to get in earlier. So in the end I didn't have a chance against Lewis because my stint was longer and the tires That annoys me, 'scolded the German.

Rosberg attacked Hamilton at the press conference

When Hamilton declared at the winner's press conference that he controlled the race from the front, he burst Rosberg the collar. He went straight to his stable rivals: 'It's interesting to hear from you that you only think of yourself and your pace at the front. That ruined the race for me. Because you drove slower than necessary, Sebastian is also close came up to me and gave him the opportunity to attack with the early stop strategy. '

Hamilton didn't even know what was happening to him. He confidently ironed off the verbal attack on his right side: 'It's not my job to be considerate of Nico's race. I just want to get the car to the finish line as quickly as possible. I didn't do anything on purpose to brake other cars. I just focused on myself. If Nico wanted to come by, he could have tried. But he couldn't. '

Rosberg argued that he tried to overtake himself in the first stint but the tires got ruined. 'You can't overtake here on this circuit if you're not significantly faster.' He didn't want to make that mistake again in the second stint. But he didn't expect Hamilton to drive so slowly: 'Lewis saw how fast you can go in the first stint. And we had even more fuel in the tank.'

Wolff shows for both drivers Understanding

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff then tried to protect his two drivers.'Both reactions are understandable. I can understand that they show emotions.' The meeting after the race went well. Allegedly, all disputes have been resolved. 'Lewis didn't deliberately go too slow. We didn't know how long the tires would last. We only decided during the race to put on the softs in the middle stint. Lewis knew that he had to bring them over the laps. After the bad experience From Malaysia it was understandable that he is cautious. '

When the danger of Vettel was realized, Hamilton was instructed to increase the pace. 'They told me over the radio that I should drive a little faster. But I also had to take care of my tires', the driver defended himself. 'It's like having 100 pounds available for the whole stint. You just have to make sure that you don't spend too much too quickly.'

Curiously, Vettel asked at the press conference how much of them 100 pounds because there was still left at the end. 'I was still relatively rich in the end,' said Hamilton with a smile. Proof was the fastest race lap at the end of the second stint. The situation at the command post was not very relaxed: 'There wasn't much missing, and we should have asked Lewis a little more emphatically over the radio. But he wasn't that much slower than indicated. Nico was just unlucky. He was caught in his situation.'


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