Hamilton vs Rosberg: No debate at Mercedes

Hamilton vs Rosberg
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T he mood between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg is a constant upbeat Ab. At the moment, the signs are pointing to a storm again. The trigger was the touch of the two Mercedes drivers at the start of the US GP. The scene was reminiscent of Suzuka. Hamilton was inside, Rosberg outside. And Hamilton had his Mercedes carried to the outside so far that Rosberg fell off the track. In both cases, two other drivers cheated their way past Rosberg.

Therefore, Rosberg's frustration after the race in Austin was understandable. The German accused his teammate of intent at the press conference and found the attack unfair. 'He has to leave me a piece of the road.' Hamilton replied two hours later: 'I was maybe a bit aggressive, but I would do it again.'

In the meantime, telemetry is said to have even shown that Hamilton was briefly on the gas when the two Silver Arrows turn into the first curve. This eventually led to a contact with the wheels.

The race management and the stewards had no objection to Hamilton's attack. No investigation was even opened. Because Hamilton was slightly ahead at the crucial moment. 'The curve belongs to him,' said the stewards. Some also took the view: 'Rosberg should have known from Suzuka how Hamilton would react in such a situation.'

Rosberg wanted pronunciation like in Spa-Francorchamps

Nico Rosberg felt reminiscent of spa. The World Cup second therefore asked for a debate. Because after the collision at Spa last year there was also a clarifying discussion between the drivers and the team management. That ended with a clear assignment of blame. Rosberg had to hold out his head.

Hamilton, on the other hand, thought a debate was superfluous. 'I can't say much about that, but I'm sure that we will sit down to find out what Nico thinks about it.'

The discussion in the large circle did not take place. And it won't exist either, explained team boss Toto Wolff. 'It was a very tough maneuver for both of them. The difference to Spa is that both were able to continue. We let the drivers know in one-on-one discussions that we don't want any tension caused by accidents. That settles the matter.' /p>

No muzzle for Mercedes drivers

The verbal look-upis okay according to Wolff: 'We would be stupid if we muzzled our drivers. They are free to express your opinion about it. If this creates a little tension, then that is part of the business.'

Niki Lauda advised Rosberg to let actions speak instead of words. 'What good does it for Nico if Lewis apologizes now? Nothing. He'll drive that way again next time because Lewis does it in a duel. Nico has to think about how he will deal with such a situation on the track in the future reacts. '

Rosberg neither wanted to comment on the new ice age in the team nor the accusation that he was too nice with his teammate in the bike-to-bike duel and thought more about the team than his stable rival. 'I will not talk about it anymore. You can interpret the situation for yourself.'


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