Hamilton vs. Rosberg: is Rosberg too nice?

Hamilton versus Rosberg
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D this round went to Lewis Hamilton. Like the ones in Australia and Malaysia before. After three races, the internal Mercedes duel is 3-0 for the world champion. It's getting tight. Last year it looked even worse for Nico Rosberg. Hamilton leads 4: 1 after five races. Until Rosberg pulled his tooth at the Monaco GP.

The question is: Who is the top dog?

Rosberg laid the foundation for this in qualification. With a brake in the Mirabeau curve, he ensured that none of the following drivers could improve their lap times. So the Monegasse by choice kept its pole position. And that was the victory the next day. Gerhard Berger applauded at the time: 'If it was intentional, then I take off my hat.'

Why? Because racing drivers who want to become world champions have to tick that way. The duel with her colleagues goes beyond the racetrack. The head decides. Hamilton was firmly convinced that Rosberg laid him an egg back then. He had asked the race management several times to find out whether Rosberg would get a penalty for it. From his point of view, Rosberg had beaten his World Cup rival with his own means. And the Englishman had to nibble on that for a long time.

Until the Hungarian GP, ​​when he ignored the team's radio message to let Rosberg pass. Then Hamilton hit his stake in the area again. He was the top dog again. When Rosberg was then warned for the collision with his teammate in Spa, the air was out of the World Cup duel. Since that day, Hamilton has won eight Grand Prix. Rosberg only one. As if the episode in Spa had pulled the challenger's teeth once and for all.

Rosberg congratulated fair sportily

In the World Cup final, Rosberg tried to get his opponent out of the way with targeted verbal attacks Bring concept. In addition, he added pole position. Hamilton looked counted. He staggered, but he didn't fall. Right at the start, the title favorite made things clear. Rosberg would not have won the race even without his technical problems.

This winter, the World Cup runner-up intensified his efforts. Throughout the test drives, it looked like Rosberg was always one step ahead of his opponent. The disillusionment followed in Australia and Malaysia. Hamilton won both races. Rosberg congratulated sporty fair,said that Lewis was world champion and that he lost the races in qualifying. The following sentence 'My racing speed was better' went unheard.

Was that wise? Rosberg was actually only talking strongly to Hamilton. But he didn't accept the presents at all. When Rosberg was annoyed about the narrow training gap of 0.042 seconds, the Englishman rubbed his nose: 'If I had managed my last training lap, the usual gap of three tenths would have been restored.' Rosberg the tactic. He complained that Hamilton drove him into the clutches of Ferrari drivers with his slow driving style. When Hamilton said that he drove his own race with consideration for his tires, the person opposite said with astonishment: 'Interesting to hear that Lewis only thinks of himself.' In the paddock the question was asked in astonishment: Who else?

Pinpricks below the belt

In the No gifts are given to the league in which Hamilton and Rosberg move. In an emergency, the team always comes second. Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen work the same way. Each in his own way. Alonso always called Hamilton 'Louie' in his McLaren days. Because he knew exactly that his colleague at the time was annoyed about it. May be below the belt, but every now and then it didn't miss its effect. Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell fought each other with completely different methods. And Nico's father Keke wasn't always squeamish either.

Niki Lauda spoke from personal experience: 'Racing drivers are self-centered. Lewis is a bitter, but Nico can also be a bastard when it matters.' The scene is not so sure about that. For many, Rosberg is just too nice. And Hamilton sly. The winner of the Chinese GP could easily have resolved Rosberg's suspicion that he had deliberately slowed him down. But he didn't.

He gave the enemy the impression that maybe it was part of his plan after all. And afterwards he poured another one. 'If Nico was so much faster, why didn't he overtake? It seems that he was happy with his second place.' Hamilton also noted that this killer instinct made the difference between him and Rosberg.

Conversely, Hamilton would probably have tried to crack the man in front with a surprise attack. Without regard to losses. It is true that you can ruin your tires quickly in Shanghai if you drive too close, but then it should have happened from an ambush. Hamilton sometimes strolled around so slowly that Rosberg could have closed the gap quickly. Max Verstappen showed that overtaking in Shanghai is possible with both Sauber. And they weren't that much slower than the ToroRosso driver.


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