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Hamilton vs Massa: The Japanese GP is banging again

Lewis Hamilton vs. Felipe Massa
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L ewis Hamilton is on a run. But that is anything but positive. The McLaren driver has come under increasing fire from the international media after his maneuvers this season. The discussion about the dispute with Felipe Massa in Singapore had just ebbed when the two arguing cocks started again.

Hamilton apologizes

On lap 21 the Ferrari bumped into a bump -Pilot and Hamilton at turn 16 against each other. Before that, they were fighting for fourth position. When touched, part of the front wing of Massa's Ferrari flew off. 'I really don't know what happened to Felipe,' said Hamilton. 'The mirrors vibrated at the high speed, so I couldn't see him pulling next to me.'

In contrast to the incident in Singapore where Hamilton didn't want to speak to Massa after the race, the Briton now intoned milder tones. 'I apologize for our cars touching each other. But luckily nothing happened to either of us. I had no bad faith against Felipe. I have the greatest respect for him, he is a fantastic driver and he was very fast today. '

The FIA ​​investigated the incident but did not issue a penalty. The judgment was based on a comparison of Hamilton's line in the previous round. In addition, it was crucial for the race stewards that Massa wanted to overtake Hamilton on the left in a right-hand bend - i.e. on the outside lane.

Massa angry at Hamilton

Hamilton's assessment that no one Was not entirely true. The Brazilian took a different view. For him, Hamilton was the scapegoat. 'Today I completed another race with a bitter aftertaste,' said Massa. 'Our pace was good enough to finish on the podium as Fernando has shown. But instead I'm sitting here and commenting on seventh place. That's a shame. My car was definitely damaged in contact with Hamilton.'

When Massa inspected his Ferrari after the race, he noticed that part of the end plate of the front wing was missing and the underbody had cracked. 'The pictures speak for themselves,' says Massa. 'He had problems with his tires and I was almost next to him and for no reason he pulled over and hit me. Make up your own mind.'

Should the FIA ​​intervene?

The pressureon Hamilton is now getting bigger. Already in qualifying he was a topic of conversation because he clashed with Mark Webber and Michael Schumacher. Massa is finally fed up with its competitor. 'The FIA ​​has already punished people for less and this time they didn't. It's the second time in a row after the problem in qualifying and in the last race and what happened on Saturday. And after everything that has happened several times this year The FIA ​​has to take care of it. Only they can do it. ' Massa now wants to complain to FIA race director Charlie Whiting.


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