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Hamilton victory in verbal duel: & # 34; World champion sounds better than race winner & # 34;

Hamilton victory in verbal duel
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I n the race, Lewis Hamilton could not challenge his teammate . Nico Rosberg had the action under control over 55 laps. The vice world champion only had to tremble for a short period when Hamilton came up in the middle stint. 'I had a little more problems with graining on the front tires. But I learned from that and adjusted my driving style in the end. The last stint was really good again. That was decisive,' said Rosberg soberly analyzing the small phase of weakness.

Hamilton pitted after defeat

In the end, the car with starting number 6 rolled 8.2 seconds before 44. Only on the exit lap did the two Silver Arrows really get close. 'I was just about to turn towards the donut. Then suddenly he's next to me,' remembers Rosberg, meters after the finish line. Hamilton apparently had no desire for donuts. 'I didn't see him particularly happy on the podium today,' remarked Rosberg.

At the press conference you could see Hamilton's bad mood. When asked which of the two pilots was happier for the winter break, the Briton replied: 'I think world champions sound much better than race winners. That's okay.' But Hamilton couldn't win more than this little verbal duel that day. The champion now has to think about whether the run of the stable rival could continue in 2016.

Rosberg sees the secret of his success in the recovered qualifying strength: 'It makes the biggest difference when you are first in the first corner is entering. It's always so tight in the race. That is almost the whole rent. In the last races I managed that well. Now it's just that I'm stronger in qualifying and still have a tenth up my sleeve if I have to. That makes the difference. '

Hamilton receives Christmas card

Rosberg hopes to save the good shape over the break. The hat-trick at the end of the season is encouraging again. 'Last year it was a long winter. This year it will be a bit more enjoyable,' said the vice-champion. Incidentally, he does not want to give Hamilton a Christmas present. 'Maybe he'll get a card. I have to see if he deserves it,' joked the German.

In retrospect, however, he didn't find the team duel in 2015 so nickely. Only the duels in the first corner between Suzuka and Austin remained in the blond's memory: 'I'm on the outside and he drives me awaythe way. I just have to prevent that in the future. '


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