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Hamilton versus Vettel: & # 34; I'm a racer & # 34;

Hamilton versus Vettel
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D the regulations are exceptionally clear. A driver is allowed to lap back. Why clearly? Because there is nothing about it in the rules. What is not forbidden is allowed. Lewis Hamilton was in the sandwich of the top trio after 35 laps at Hockenheim. He was in front of Jenson Button and behind Sebastian Vettel. At the very front he could still make out front runner Fernando Alonso.

Button does not benefit from Hamilton action

When Hamilton overtook Vettel's Red Bull, the Red Bull camp was accused of unsportsmanlike conduct. Because the action cost Vettel a second across from Button, and because the Englishman then failed to attack Fernando Alonso. 'Wrong,' says Hamilton. 'I wanted to pass Fernando, but he doesn't like being overtaken by me.'

Jenson Button denies that he benefited from Hamilton's maneuver. 'Quite the opposite. Even if Sebastian gave up time during the overtaking maneuver, I lost time on him on the laps that followed. Seb was able to open his DRS in the slipstream of Lewis. I was too far away and had to drive with the wing closed. That costs you a few tenths per lap. '

Hamilton sees himself in the right

Lewis Hamilton does not see an unfair maneuver in his attack:' It doesn't matter whether I'm for first or last place drive, I'm a racer and always fight to the last cartridge. My team can expect that from me. If I had given up, it would have been disrespectful to my team. '

Hamilton reveals that he is not blind interfered in the fight for the top positions. Before that, there was a lot of radio communication with the McLaren command post: 'I asked my boys what I should do. Jenson was a few seconds behind us. I was faster than Vettel and Alonso. Had I stayed behind Seb, I would be Jenson at some point crossed the path because it caught up with us. It was actually clear what had to be done. I wanted to overtake the two at the front to get myself out of this difficult situation. ' This is called an escape to the front.


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