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Hamilton solves setup problem: Rosberg only second despite a great lap

Hamilton solves setup problem
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N ico Rosberg dominated the first and second training. Un the first and second knockout rounds of qualification. Lewis Hamilton was only ahead in the third training session. But that was because his challenger lost oil due to a defective sealing ring in the transmission. And a lot of time. When Rosberg finished the first of his two quick laps in Q3, he thought: 'That's it. This is the fastest time. I was a bit surprised that Lewis was a tenth faster.'

The second attempt failed. 'Something was wrong with the left front tire. I drove a good lap, but was still half a second slower.' Enough material for the evening program. Rosberg wants to solve the tire puzzle as well as the loss of top speed in the first attempt.

Too much ground clearance behind on Friday

The car was then converted to Saturday night. 'We looked for the best compromise between the slow and the fast corners with changes to the chassis. The goal was to increase the speed at the apex of the slow corners and to get a more neutral handling in the fast corners,' said Hamilton. The car fit on Saturday morning. 'A difference like day and night. In qualifying, we then readjusted with the front wing. Such best times taste much better. Because we had to work hard for them.'

Mercedes can only beat itself

Nico Rosberg has a few more options at Silverstone to get past Hamilton. The start, of course. This time it's 420 meters to the first bend. More than twice as far as at the Red Bull-Ring. Then the strategy, Rosberg hopes. 'It should be a lot cooler on Sunday than on Friday and Saturday. I think I'll give myself more leeway with the setupleft as Lewis. And it's not entirely clear whether a pit stop or two is the better option. There is also a possibility of doing something differently. In addition, his set of tires unwound one lap more than mine for the start. That could also be an advantage. '

But Rosberg also knows that the China problem can catch up with him again at Silverstone. On fast stretches, the front tires suffer more in the turbulence of the vehicle in front than in the stop and go Montreal or Spielberg. 'If it gets cold, the tires in the front could be grainy.' Niki Lauda fears: 'Our two will be fighting again. And that in a race where we can only beat ourselves. 'Team boss Toto Wolff is surprised:' Judging by the lap times, Ferrari has fallen behind a little. We didn't expect both Williams to be ahead of the Ferrari. '


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