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Hamilton on Rosberg duel: & # 34; See no reason to talk & # 34;

Hamilton on Rosberg duel
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D he fight for the lead in the first corner of the GP USA went down a bit in the cheers for Lewis Hamilton's title win. Toto Wolff did not want to comment on the subject after the race, but announced that he would discuss the situation again internally. The Austrian rated Hamilton's overtaking maneuver as 'too hard'.

Hamilton has nothing to say

Hamilton himself didn't want to hear about it in Mexico. 'We haven't talked about it yet. I don't think that's necessary either,' said the new and old champion defiantly. He doesn't think much of discussing scenes from past races again. For him, the matter was closed.

When asked, the Briton expressed his understanding that there might be a need for clarification: 'I'm relaxed in every situation. I have no problems. But Toto might want to see what Nico thinks about it in order to avoid tension in the team. We proceed very transparently. From my side there is nothing more to say. ' Incidentally, Rosberg did not want to comment on Hamilton's statements.

Hamilton will not help Rosberg

Even the throwing of the cap In the anteroom to the podium after the race, which led to a lot of discussions among the fans, Hamilton did not want to have a big discussion. The winner had thrown the cap with the number 2 over Rosberg. Whereupon Rosberg fired back the cap. 'The whole thing is just funny,' grinned Hamilton the questions away.

After winning the world championship, the question also arises whether Hamilton would help his team-mate to secure second place in the drivers' standings. With three races to go, Sebastian Vettel is 4 points ahead of Rosberg. But Hamilton declined: 'The team didn't ask me if I would support him. I'm here to win races. The team's main concern was to secure the championship. So there is no great incentive to help him . But let's see what Toto has to say. '


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