Hamilton is optimistic about the new season

Stefan Baldauf
Hamilton optimistic
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L ewis Hamilton was excited. The champion had only completed 63 laps on the seventh day of testing and ended up in 11th place. His personal minimum program. But at Mercedes, the first seven days were not about personal bests. The drivers reeled off one race distance after the other, worked their way through coordination programs and were data collectors at 300 km /h.

One day before the end of the winter test drives, Hamilton is optimistic about the new season. 'We had fewer test days than last year, but we are starting the season more prepared. With more kilometers and a better understanding of the car. We drove and drove and new parts were added to the car every day. Our engineers did an incredible job. '

Hamilton has' trained better than ever '

The defending champion also had a good winter personally. 'I took everything I could take with me. I was snowboarding in Colorado, for my birthday in Mexico, for training in Toronto, in Los Angeles, at the Superbowl, at the Academy Awards. Still, I trained better than ever. '

This is a challenge to his opponents. And then comes the next low blow for the challengers. 'I never drove the car to the limit during the test drives. Three or more laps in a small attack mode, that's it. So I don't know how good we really are. But I have great confidence in our engineers. I'm well prepared for three disciplines: the race, tire management, understanding the systems. ' Hamilton reveals that Mercedes may let its drivers off the chain on the last day of the test: 'Tomorrow a few faster laps are planned.'

Lewis Hamilton was shooting onThursday 63 laps.

Also Hamilton against head protection

Of course Hamilton would have been itching to really let the pig out beforehand. 'There is nothing more boring than long runs. But you don't build a pyramid from the top either. First we need a base. And the wider it is, the higher the top. Of course, I would rather go out with very little fuel and fresh tires and drop the hammer. '

A real racing driver. Also in his attitude to head protection. When the talk came of Kimi Raikkonen's experiment with the halo, Hamilton grimaced. 'Well, I looked at a few photos of it today at noon ...' Then he breaks off the sentence and holds his hand in front of his eyes. 'I don't have to say more about that.'


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