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Hamilton is catching up: Champion fully back in the title race

Hamilton stalks Rosberg
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N oh the GP Russia saw it modest for Lewis Hamilton. If you put it carefully. In the world championship, his team-mate Nico Rosberg was 43 points behind him. The crash between the two silver cars followed in the next race.

“I never doubted my speed. But I never knew what was coming next. We stumbled from one problem to the next, ”says Hamilton. With the Grand Prix in Monaco, the situation in the world champion's team changed. Hamilton played big in the principality and secured his first win of the season. The next success followed two weeks later in Canada.

Hamilton has been on the upswing since Monaco

In contrast, Rosberg missed the podium twice. Even more. In Monaco he was only seventh, in Canada fifth. Suddenly Hamilton has the upper hand again in the team-internal duel. The gap in the World Cup has melted by 34 points within two weeks. It's 116 to 107.

'I honestly thought that Monaco would have been a stroke of luck in terms of the position differences between Nico and me,' said the Canada winner with satisfaction. “I'm surprised how quickly the situation has turned. I wouldn't have bet my money on it. ”

In the first five races of the season, the three-time champion was unlucky. Sometimes he screwed up the start like in Melbourne, sometimes Valtteri Bottas battered his car in Bahrain, sometimes the MGU-H electric machine got out, which led to bad starting positions in China and Russia. “After the first few races, my mechanics were depressed,” says Hamilton. “Now we finally have clean weekends again, and they are happy. Well, except for the starts. ”

In Montreal, too, the number 44 car only crept slowly out of the starting box. Hamilton lost the lead to Sebastian Vettel, but defended himself hard against Rosberg. “I was on the race line and he was outside. Sometimes a maneuver on the outside lane works well, sometimes it doesn't. As today. But if the start goes normally, I'll drive 8 meters ahead of Nico, ”commented the Briton. The difference between first and second on the grid is 8 meters.

Hamilton with good tire management

Hamilton and his strategists did not let the red car bother them. She put her cards on a one-stop race and outsmarted Ferrari. “In Monaco the strategy was mineDecision. The team met her in Canada. When they told me we were going to plan B, I didn't know if the tires would last that long. ”

They did. The five-time Canada winner endured 24 laps on the softest Pirelli variety. “I could have done even more laps on the ultrasofts. My last time on them was really good. I figured that a few more laps wouldn't hurt to shorten the race section on soft tires. The team finally got me in. ”

Tire whisperer Hamilton also brought the soft compound over the remaining 46 laps without any major difficulties. And beamed afterwards. “Today the car felt incredible. The balance was just great. It felt like I was floating. ”

The second win of the season boosts motivation on Hamilton's side of the garage. “Victories are our life. If we all do a perfect job, it's like the cream on the cake. ”On the other hand, nibbling is likely on the other side of the garage. Rosberg threatens to slip away from the World Cup. “Nico will continue to push hard,” the second in the World Cup is certain.

Hamilton slows down euphoria

The momentum is with Hamilton. But the world champion warns of too much euphoria. “There is still a long way to go. I've already used more engine components than Nico. It will probably come down to the fact that at some point after the summer break I will start further behind. ”

Hamilton is also not entirely happy that Mercedes did not clinch a one-two in Canada. He thinks of the hard work in the factory. “We started in first and second place and finished first and fifth. That makes me sad in a way. I know how hard the guys at the factory work to get one-two. It doesn't feel good if we don't achieve that. ”But he also says:“ On the other hand, it was of course good for the championship. ”


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