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Hamilton criticizes the press: 'More respect for Sebastian'

Hamilton criticizes the press
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D he public is very disappointed. After four Mercedes titles in a row, the Tifosi and many neutral fans had wished that Ferrari could finally stand up to the series champions this year until the end. But as in the previous year, the Italians ran out of breath in the final spurt of the season. Four more races and the titles are practically awarded again.

In Suzuka, it was primarily the team managers who got their fat away. The mistake in choosing tires in qualifying cost Vettel and Räikkönen starting positions in the front rows. After the controversial slipstream decision in Monza and the wrong outlap timing in Singapore, Ferrari had thrown clubs between the legs of its number 1 driver again.

Criticism of Vettel maneuvers

In the race, Vettel tried to save what could hardly be saved. In the hunt for the two Mercedes all hopes for Max Verstappen's Red Bull were shattered. An ambitious overtaking attempt ended in a collision. However, there was no clear answer to the question of guilt. Just like the FIA ​​commissioners, most of the experts classified the maneuver as a normal racing accident.

In some media, however, the accusation came up that Vettel had started the attack a little too hastily and that he had better come to the pit stop and waited for Verstappen's 5-second penalty. But then the two Mercedes at the front would surely have pulled up and away.

Lewis Hamilton of all people jumped to the side of his World Cup rival: “I have the feeling that the press should show Sebastian a little more respect. You just can't imagine how difficult it is, what we're doing here at this level - and that applies to all top athletes. ”

Hamilton and Vettel help each other

in respect there seems to be no lack between Hamilton and Vettel. In the press conference after the race in Bahrain at the beginning of the season, Vettel had surprisingly taken sides for his World Cup rival when he was faced with questions about an insult against Max Verstappen. Hamilton had complained over the radio after a duel with the Dutchman.

Vettel had criticized the media representatives at the time for inflating statements that had been made in the heat of the moment too much. Now Hamilton also asked the press for moderation: “We are all human. Therefore you always have to expectthat mistakes happen. The only thing that counts is how you manage it. ”


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