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Hamilton as a real racer: No overtaking maneuvers on the simulator

Hamilton as a real racer
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E Lewis Hamilton is actually one of the computer kids. As often as he uses Twitter and Facebook. The world champion is only at war with modern technology when it comes to racing. It's no secret that he is much less fond of driving the simulator than his teammate Nico Rosberg. Hamilton is still a real racer. Someone who lets himself be guided by his racing instinct.

For Max Verstappen, on the other hand, it is quite normal to prepare for the races on the simulator or on the Playstation at home. The 17-year-old Dutchman has a few races less under his belt than Hamilton.

Verstappen has already caused a sensation a few times this year with spectacular overtaking maneuvers. For example in China, Austria and Hungary. Mostly with the same mesh. The surprise attack just before the braking point. Daniel Ricciardo is king in this special discipline.

Blanchimont practiced on the Playstation

Verstappen did it differently in Spa. He passed Sauber driver Felipe Nasr on the outside in Blanchimont. The Toro Rosso pilot admitted that he had previously practiced the maneuver in a computer game. 'I performed the maneuver against Nasr exactly the same as in the simulation.' The virtual preparation showed the player how much space there is in the corresponding corners and how far you can go with your attack.

Lewis Hamilton does not believe in digital preparation. 'I don't want to practice that on the simulator. The attraction of overtaking is that you never know when and where it will happen. I love the spontaneous. It is much more exciting to do it when the opportunity arises.' On the route, he proves that the Englishman doesn't need any tutoring. Hamilton is considered one of the best overtakers in the field.


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